Frequently Asked Questions

Rainbow Girls thrive on the wonderful support from their parents! So, as a prospective or current Rainbow Girl parent you probably have a lot of questions about what our organization is all about and what it means for your daughter.Rainbow Parade

Below is a list of common questions parents have while their daughter is considering joining Nevada Rainbow, so please take a moment to read through this information.

Can Parents Help?

YES! Parents, Grandparents or Legal Guardians are most cordially invited to attend all meetings and events.  Many Rainbow parents feel their participation has provided an opportunity to establish a closer relationship with their daughters and her Rainbow friends.

Does being involved with Rainbow cost money?

Yes, but not a lot! There are the yearly dues (which vary for each Assembly but are normally about $40), and there is a small fee when you submit your application (to cover supplies, paperwork, etc.) for Initiation. For some special ceremonies you have to wear formals, but they need not be either expensive or brand new. There is a usually a parent or board member who sews, and will make you a dress for the cost of fabric and notions and a small fee. Also, many assemblies have a "dress closet" where there are hand-me-down formals that other girls in the Assembly have outgrown and have passed them on to others.

Other things, like Rainbow Camp, Grand Assembly, or fun trips do cost money. Often, there are fund raisers that girls and their families participate in to help defray the cost.

Who Can Attend A Rainbow Meeting?

Any parent, grandparent or legal guardian of an active or majority Rainbow Girl are welcome to attend. Rainbow Parents are always invited and encouraged to attend all meetings and events.

Active and Majority Rainbow girls in good standing may attend any Rainbow meeting or function. Also, any member of the Masons, Eastern Star, White Shrine of Jerusalem, or Amaranth in good standing as well as non-affiliated spouses of Majority Rainbow Members or non-affiliated spouses of members of our Sponsoring Orders at the discretion of the Supreme Inspector/Supreme Deputy may attend.

How Often Are The Meetings?

Rainbow Assemblies meet twice a month. Assemblies meet every two weeks on an established day, time, and location to plan their activities and perform the official opening and closing ceremonies of the ritual.

How much time is spent on Rainbow activities?

In addition to the regular bi-monthly meetings, local assembly events are planned by the girls during that month, which may include a variety of fun, fundraising, or charity/community service activities as described earlier. A girl may also have the opportunity to visit other statewide or International Rainbow Assemblies, where she will meet other girls her own age who are members of the same organization. See also Activities.Orange Arrow

Who supervises the girls at Rainbow functions?

Each Rainbow Assembly is supervised by a team of trained and dedicated adult volunteers who oversee the girls and guide them in the proper planning of their business meetings and activities, provide stability, set examples, and help interpret rules. These adults donate much of their time and money to developing our future leaders. The advisors also act as the "record-keepers" and administrators of the paperwork that is required to keep the assembly operating.

Parents, grandparents, and legal guardians of active girls are also welcome and encouraged to attend meetings and activities, and may even join the Advisory Board. Family members may also volunteer for special projects or functions based on their time availability and areas of expertise. Of course, the most important role any parent or family member can play is as a member of the support network the girls can rely on, and who will be a constant source of advice, encouragement, and sometimes even a voice of conscience to motivate the girls to be all that they can be.

All Advisory Board members are required to complete a background check form and attend annual training in order to work with the Rainbow Girls.

What will my daughter gain through membership in the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls?

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls promotes self-esteem and leadership skills among its members. Girls learn valuable public speaking skills, parliamentary procedures, and acceptance of each individual member's strengths and differences.

Members have the opportunity to hold leadership positions on the local level, making them responsible for the planning and executing of the programs and activities for their assembly, and for conducting business meetings. Girls also have the chance to advance to leadership positions on a statewide level.

Other principles of the order include, but are not limited to: patriotism to country, love of home, loyalty to family and friends, teamwork, and service to others.

What kind of leadership skills does a Rainbow Girl learn?

Members who are willing to accept the responsibility may serve as an officer in their assembly.  Most Girls work toward becoming the Worthy Advisor. A girl is elected to a four or six month term of office, during which she guides the Assembly with the help of the Mother Advisor. She presides over meetings, plans service projects, and serves as a mentor to the younger girls in the Assembly.

Do Rainbow Girls have a Uniform?

No, however Rainbow does have a "dress code" that applies to all members and adults whether attending a local Assembly, Grand Assembly or Supreme Assembly, or when representing Rainbow elsewhere.Orange Arrow

Are there any awards or other benefits offered through association with Rainbow?

Some of the most obvious but intangible benefits of membership are her opportunities to make new friends, build self-confidence, travel, learn new things, and become a responsible citizen and leader.

There are other, more concrete, rewards offered to the girls in response to acts of service they perform. Members earn merit bars for participation, special awards for membership recruitment, opportunities to advance to state offices, competitions in ritual as well as other special programs held at Grand Assembly, and scholarships from not only Rainbow, but from many other Masonic-affiliated organizations as well. This is particularly important in a highly competitive area where students may be awarded scholarships or accepted into schools or programs based on not only their academic credentials, but also their involvement in other community and civic organizations.

Are Rainbow Girls part of the Shriners or the Masons?

Yes and no. Originally the Rainbow Girls were created for Masonic daughters and their friends, but today any girl who is interested in joining Rainbow Girls is welcome.

There is a connection between Masons and Shriners. All Shriners have a Masonic heritage, but not all Masons choose to become a Shriner. If you would like to find out more, please visit our Links section.

Is Rainbow like Job's Daughters, or DeMolay? What are DeMolay and Job's Daughters?

DeMolay is an organization for young men, similar to Rainbow for Girls, that teaches leadership and respect towards others, in addition to many other lessons. They are also involved in community service. You can read all about DeMolay at their official website.

Job's Daughters is an organization for young ladies, also similar to Rainbow, but they require that their members have a Mason for a relative. Their teachings are similar to Rainbow's, but based mostly around the lessons from the Book of Job. You can learn more about Job's Daughters at their official website.

Is Rainbow A Religious Organization?

No. The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a service organization. Rainbow does, however, encourage each member to be an active participant in a place of worship of her choice.

Is Rainbow a cult?

No! The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a youth service organization for young women. Rainbow Girls take an oath to respect our parents, become involved in the church of our choice, be a true friend, be patriotic, and be of service to others. We have a member handshake, just like other organizations and sororities. We receive and wear merit bars and other earned recognitions and jewelry. Parents, Grandparents, and legal guardians are allowed and encouraged to attend stated meetings; there are no secrets their daughters must keep from them. We have a Ritual, which is the name of our book of ceremonies and meeting procedures.

What is the "Ritual?"

The script for the formal meetings and open ceremonies of Rainbow can be found in a book called the "Ritual".

Is the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls a gay and lesbian organization?

Rainbow FlagNo! The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls was founded in 1922. Our Official Banner was originally a flag with the seven colors of the Rainbow.

The rainbow flag, which consisted of only six colors, that has recently become associated with gay and lesbian organizations was not created until much later, around the 1970's. Because of this, the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls changed the Order’s Rainbow Banner to a white flag with the official Rainbow emblem in the center.

What does the Rainbow Symbol represent?

The seven colors of the Rainbow are represented by seven officer stations, strategically placed in the shape of a bow (the arc of a rainbow). Each station is represented by a color, and each color teaches a lesson.

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