Religion and Rainbow

Altar with the BibleThe International Order for Girls is non-sectarian, requiring only a belief in a Supreme Being. We encourage girls to be active in the church or House of Worship of their choice, but we don't preach about religion.

While the teachings and ceremonies of Rainbow use Christian scripture, and often quote Jesus' words from the New Testament, Rainbow is open to young women of all faiths. Membership requires only the belief in a Supreme Being, and prospective members can be assured that there is no pressure to become Christian during the Initiation ceremony, or as an active member. The Christian lessons are simply used to show basic values that are integral to many religions.


Altar with the Bible and Jewels of OfficeThe Ritual for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a book of ceremonies used primarily for the Opening, Closing and Initiation ceremonies of a Rainbow Assembly.

When a member holds an office in the Assembly, she learns her station's lecture from the Ritual. By presenting a memorized lecture, Rainbow Girls learn about public speaking and leadership. The Ritual contains Rainbow's teachings based on right living and thinking. Girls who become officers in their local assemblies assume the responsibility to learn and recite their ritual parts from memory.

As well, there is often floor work that accompanies the spoken word. The performance of floor work demonstrates each girl’s attention to detail and level of discipline. Sometimes friendly competitions are held for Ritual and floor work, providing a motivation and incentive for the girls to perform well in a supportive environment.

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