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Adult Leaderstip Team Positions for 2019-2020Help Wanted

Nevada Rainbow is currently recruiting for the following Adult Leadership Team positions for the upcoming, 2019-2020 Grand year. Those interested in being considered for these positions should contact Heidi Haartz via email (heidi.haartz_nviorg@yahoo.com) by May 15, 2019. 

Director of Grand Assembly Music

Directors of Jurisdictional Travel
Each Director of Jurisdictional Travel (Supreme Assembly, CA, WA/ID) will:

Director of Pledge

Director of Proficiency

Director of Leadership Programs

Grand Deputies (in the Reno/Sparks and Las Vegas/Henderson areas)

Message from Supreme Recorder

Brazil Grand Assembly

Dear Supreme Family,

Above you will find an invitation from Ney Batista Coutinho, Supreme Deputy in Espirito Santo, Brazil to attend their first Grand Assembly Session to be held July 18, 19, and 20, 2019 in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.

In addition Mr. Coutinho is requesting assistance to hold a Grand Cross of Color Ceremony and Investiture. Our Supreme Worthy Advisor has asked that this announcement and request be sent to the Supreme Family to distribute to their membership.

The approximate cost is $2,500.00 per person which includes round trip airfare from Atlanta (point of departure from US) to Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil, hotel room (double occupancy), airport transfers, travel insurance and Visa. Our scheduled departure is July 16, 2019 and our return is Sunday, July 21, 2019. Those wishing to extend their stays and book other travel dates and/or tours (to such destinations as Rio de Janerio) can do so directly through AAA Travel.

We must move quickly as Visas are required for travel to Brazil and airline and hotel reservations must be made as soon as possible. Those interested in attending must send in their name, address, telephone, and email to the Supreme Assembly Office by April 10th, 2019. Please indicate if you are interested in participating in the Grand Cross ceremony.

AAA will also be able to assist individuals booking flights from their home to Atlanta, Georgia, which is our point of departure from the United States.

In Rainbow Friendship and Service,
Mary Adeline Bradford,
PSWA Supreme Recorder

2019 Brazil Grand Assembly Brochure

Reno Assembly Hat Fundraiser2019 Hat Fundraiser

Orders placed by Feb. 22nd will be delivered at Rainbow Camp.

Orders placed at Rainbow Camp will be delivered at the May 4th Official Visit.

Return order form to Julie DeJan.

Printable Flyer

SWA Message

Excerpt from the Supreme Family Newsletter, April 2019

... Our members today are totally integrated into an electronic world; they compete in sports; they apply to and are accepted at outstanding colleges and universities and, as majority members, they have career opportunities most of us reading this newsletter never even dreamed of. SO, are we offering enough to a prospective member? Are we offering enough to retain our members? Are we offering them that “added value” they seem to be looking for in any group/activity? Are we instilling those long-lasting values and sense of commitment so our majority members return as adults to take our places as advisors and leaders? For me, these are difficult questions to couple with the concept that "we’ve always done it that way."

At the 2018 Installation I stated several times, “this is not our mother’s Rainbow anymore”… and that’s true. What is true in larger part is that our members are not who we were at 15 – they are so much more because our world is SO MUCH MORE: communication is instantaneous; knowledge is a google click away; travel is easily within reach even for our youngest members: women are taking on leadership roles in the work place, in government, in every aspect of today’s life.

SO, back to the last question: are we offering an organization that is progressive in every aspect: Are we user friendly on our websites? Can a prospective member contact us? Have we given our members the “tools” to sell their organization? Are we THE group young women WANT to be a part of? Are we LISTENING to our members? Are we willing to give a little to gain more for our members?

None of these questions have easy answers. None of these things can change today, nor do we want everything to change. But, I think a critical look inward – and outward – is in order for IORG. Please give these concepts some prayerful consideration. Talk to your members. Ask THEM what they would like their Order to be. This is a GIRLS’ organization – they need to have a voice and to know that as their adult leadership, we are listening – and acting!


April Edition of the Supreme Newsletter

Accessorize Supreme Flier

Downloadable Form

Washington/Idaho Grand Assembly 2019

WAID Grand Assembly Theme 2019The Washington Idaho Grand Assembly is July 12 – 14, 2019 in Yakima, Washington at the Sundome. Las Vegas and Reno travelers will fly into Yakima on Friday 7/12/19 and stay at the Red Lion Hotel for 3 nights. Also, as has become customary with Nevada Rainbow travel, money will be collected in advance for all meals, so all you will need to bring is your own souvenir spending money.

The costs for Washington Idaho Grand Assembly are:

If you are attending, please complete the Registration Form below and return to Kim Butler no later than May 22, 2019.

  • 2019 Information and Registration Form   word    pdf

  • 2019 Itinerary   word    pdf

  • 2019 Packing List   word    pdf

Philipine Grand Assembly2019 Philipine Grand Assembly

That’s right, we are going to the Philippines for their 19th Grand Assembly sessions at the Bayview Park Hotel Manila and the Grand Lodge from May 31, 2019 to June 2, 2019 plus a few days before and after to tour the area.

The $600.00 per person cost for Philippines Grand Assembly include:

• Grand Assembly Registration
• Hotel Housekeeping Gratuity
• Transportation and Tour /Fun expenses
• All meals while in Manila and at Grand Assembly
• Accommodations for 7 nights based on 3 per room at the Bayview Park Hotel Manila 1118 Roxas Boulevard (corner United Nations Avenue) Manila, 1000, Philippines

The only other money you will need to bring is your own spending money for souvenirs, etc. A full accounting of the trip will be done and any money left over at the end of the trip will go back to the travelers.

To Manila (MNL), we will arrive at 11:00pm on Wednesday May 29, 2019
From Manila (MNL) we will depart at 12:15pm on Wednesday June 5, 2019

If traveling from another city, please get to one of these locations and then travel to Manila –

- From Las Vegas (LAS) – depart Tuesday May 28’’at 9:00am – round trip approx. cost $1,400.00
- From Seattle (SEA) – depart Tuesday May 28th at 1:55pm – round trip approx. cost $1,250.00
- From Los Angeles (LAX)–depart Tues May 28th at 12:10pm–round trip approx. cost $1,100.00


Below are a few things to remember and a few hints for travel:

• No visa is required for stays < 30 days
• Passport is required. Make sure it is up to date. Sometimes it can be a problem if it is about to expire within a month or two so plan accordingly.
• Attire is your jurisdiction’s dress (Grand Officers wear their hoops, hairpieces/wiglets, etc.). Men can wear a suit but it is often very hot. A long sleeve barong (with a t-shirt underneath) is customary. Women need white dresses for initiation and Grand Cross. Plan for the heat even with air conditioning.
• Bring a roll of toilet paper. They have it, but their use must be much less than we are used to
• Hope you enjoy rice. It will be served with all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• Bring a bath towel. Sometimes they are provided, sometimes not.
• Power is 220v. Most phone chargers/computer chargers can deal with this without a problem. Their electrical plugs are usually similar to US – particularly in Manila.
• Don’t plan on the schedule of events being firm, just go with the flow and be accommodating.
• All travel outside of our hotel will be with an escort so that we are safe in our travels.

If you are attending, please complete the Registration page pdf    word  and return to me no later than Friday March 22, 2019. If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Kim Butler, Director of Grand Officers in Nevada at (775) 233-4204 or email at k.r.butler@sbcglobal.net.            

2019 Membership Challenge

2019 Membership Challenge

Formal Dress Bag Sale



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