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2021-2022 Grand Officer Application Process

Girls who are interested in applying for a 2021-2022 Grand Office should carefully review all of the components of the Application Package.

The Application Package must be submitted to the Mother Advisor by March 19, 2021.

New word pdf 2021-2022 Grand Officer Application
New word pdf 2021- 2022 Grand Officer Appointments- Procedures & Guidelines
New word pdf 2021- 2022 Grand Officer Applicant Assessment- MA/GD/GDIR
New word pdf 2021-2022 Grand Officer Written Interview Questions
New word pdf 2021-2022 Advisory Board Evaluation and Recommendation


Quilt fundraiser Quilt Order Form


Reception- South April 2021

Membership Incentive Program 2021-2022

What is the Membership Incentive Program?

How does this work?

What can I do to get points?

Here is a preview of some things you can do:     Partial Incentive List

You can also find the full list of activities pdf along with the points here

instagram image instagram nv_iorg
facebook image facebook NV Rainbow Girls        

*You can only do an activity once a month and redeem points for it*

What is the prize?

  • The prize is a patch with charms
  • This patch can be ironed onto any piece of fabric: a dress bag, your backpack, rainbow tote and even your mom’s favorite linen (jk, don’t do that)
  • Your charms come with little clasps to attach them to the patch
Incentive Patch    

NV Membership Incentive Charms


This is what the patch looks like when you have collected all of the charms.

Filled Patch

How do we submit points and redeem the prize?

What if I have questions or want to know how many points you have??

Download the powerpoint for referral

Download the Patch and Charms Activities Points List

2021 Nevada Grand Assembly

2021 Nevada Grand Assembly Announcement

Printable Version of 2021 Nevada Grand Assembly Announcement

Rainbow Trails Ads

Rainbow Trails Ad for Grand Assembly 2021

Order Form  pdf

SWA Proficiency Program

There are four levels of Proficiency, with each level having either 10,15, or 20 questions and answers, that must be completed before proceeding to the next level. There will be over one hundred (100) questions available for you to select on each level.

For each level, you will earn a ribbon, and if all levels are completed, you will earn a Proficiency Pin. When you select your questions, move to the first level and then use your Traditional or Contemporary Ritual, Gold Book, Book of Traditional Instruction, and/or your Statutes of Supreme Assembly (2018) to find and memorize your answers. Each level will need to have a new set of questions and answers.

Level 1- through 1/1/21 (10 questions/memorization)
Level 2- 1/1/21 through 6/1/21 (15 questions/memorization)
Level 3- 6/1/21 through 12/1/21 (20 questions/memorization)
Level 4- 1/1/22 through 6/1/22 (20 questions/memorization)

Contact your Mother Advisor or Grand Deputy to get your study questions. To schedule a time to present your Proficiency work, please contact: Mrs. Kristin Cox (North) or Mrs. Stacy Bolshazy (South)

Published: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Nevada Rainbow for Girls made a donation to support children in foster care:County Commissioners accepted a $2,500 donation from The Nevada Rainbow for Girls to Washoe County Human Services Agency in support of children in foster care. The Nevada Rainbow for Girls teaches many life lessons, such as the importance of giving back to communities, leadership skills, time management and sisterhood.

“Throughout the year, our members on the local level, choose different organizations to serve and raise money for,” said Public Relations Co-Director of The Nevada Rainbow for Girls Megan Sakelarios. “We hope that our donation and collections have been beneficial and will make a difference in the lives of countless children at Kids Kottage.”

2020-2021 Grand Pages Announced

  • Page to the GWA: Scarlett, Daylite #22

  • Page to GWAA: Taylor, Daylite #22

  • Page to Grand Charity & Grand Hope: Ashlie, Sparks #3

  • Page to Grand Faith: Samantha, Sparks #3

2020-2021 Innovation Committee

The members of the new Innovation Committee (formerly known as the Junior Grand Executive Committe) are:

  • #1- Natalie M.

  • #3- Carlie W.

  • #7- Lily I.

  • #8- Airyanna C.

  • #9- Abigail B.

  • #10- Nina E.

  • #13- Sophia C.

  • #15- Kit F.

  • #22- Lexie W.


Service Hour Reporting

Service Hours Reporting



Formal Dress Bag Sale



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