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Virtual Grand Assembly 2020    Updates

We are moving forward, cautiously, with our plans for our in-person Grand Assembly event, which will be held in Tonopah on August 22 and 23, 2020. Our plans anticipate that the safety protocols in place in July 2020 will remain in place through August; therefore, therefore we are approaching this Grand Assembly differently than we have in the past.

Participation Consent Form
All girls and adults registering for and attending Nevada Grand Assembly 2020 will be required to complete the Participation Consent form (.doc)and must submit the completed form to their respective Mother Advisor or designated adult. Forms submitted for girls must be signed by the girls’ parents/legal guardians as well as the girls, themselves. Please be sure that all spaces are completed before turning in the form.

Adults registering for Grand Assembly individually, not through an assembly, must submit this form to Grand Assembly Registration Committee at NVGA2020@gmail.com at the time of registration.

Assembly Registration and Housing
The Grand Assembly 2020 Participation Consent form (.pdf) allows parents/guardians to identify the housing arrangements for their daughters, which can include rooming with their parents/guardians, rooming with one other girl or rooming with up to three other girls. The cost of housing will vary, based on the number of people in each hotel room.

Registration must be submitted using CVENT by July 26, 2020. At that time, we will provide a commitment to the hotel for the number of hotel rooms we need for our event; we will not be able to increase or decrease room reservations after this date.

After July 26, 2020, refunds will only be processed if we are forced to cancel this in-person Grand Assembly. In the event of cancellation, refunds will be made for registration (less the processing fee for CVENT), meals and housing. Refunds will not be available for pre-purchased items, such as Rainbow Trails and t-shirts.

Face Masks
The Governor has asked that all Nevadans wear masks in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state. Therefore, all girls and adults should plan to wear face masks while traveling and attending Nevada Grand Assembly in August. For packing purposes, a clean mask should be worn each day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Please note, masks will not be required for those who have a medical condition that would not be conducive to mask wearing. This condition should be noted on the Consent to Participation form.

Social Distancing
Obviously, it is not possible to maintain 6 feet of social distancing while traveling by car. It is recommended that girls travel to and from Grand Assembly with their parents, if possible. Girls whose parents are not attending Grand Assembly should travel with the same driver/s and girls to and from Grand Assembly.

Girls who are not traveling with their family (and their drivers) should wear face masks while traveling to and from Grand Assembly. This includes while riding in the car and during any pit stops.

Girls and adults who are not rooming with their family will be expected to wear a face mask in their hotel room except while bathing and sleeping. Parents should understand that girls will not be required to wear masks while sleeping, so if their daughter is rooming with more than one other girl, there will be no social distancing during the sleeping hours.

The Grand Assembly Committee will be doing its best to provide social distancing during our Grand Assembly Sessions. This will result in some creative seating.

Each person attending Grand Assembly is asked to bring one of the following items with them: a picnic blanket, a bed sheet or 2 beach towels. Guests will sit in the middle of this item during meals, which will be eaten picnic-style, and help us maintain social distancing during each meal. (Families should bring one item per family member who will be attending Grand Assembly.)

Ordinarily, Grand Assembly is an opportunity to demonstrate exemplary floor work and ritual work to the girls and adults of Nevada Rainbow. This year, Grand Assembly will represent our best effort to balance our ritual work with safety protocols. Work is currently underway to incorporate social distancing into our ritual work, to the greatest extent possible. This will have a significant impact on our floor work during Grand Assembly. These modifications will not be formally adopted in the ritual or the Gold Book or change Nevada’s traditions pertaining to ritual and floor work.

As is customary at Nevada Grand Assembly, no outside food or drinks will be allowed at the Convention Center. If girls or adults cannot go more than 2 hours without food or water, that should be noted on their Participation Consent form, so that a medical accommodation can be made.

Caravanning to Grand Assembly (and other statewide Rainbow events) is a long standing safety measure that has served Nevada Rainbow well. The expectation that assemblies caravan to and from Grand Assembly remains in place.

It is anticipated that the only participants not caravanning with their assembly will be the members of the Grand Assembly Committee and their families, who may be traveling earlier and later, due to their responsibilities for setting up and cleaning up the Grand Assembly room.

Grand Assembly Attire
On Saturday, all guests should arrive at the Convention Center appropriately dressed for Grand Assembly. Girls and adults will not be permitted to change clothes at the Convention Center.

The only exception to this policy will be for Grand Officers and Personal Pages who will have a designated space to change into their Grand Officer/Page dresses prior to the Saturday morning session of Grand Assembly and to prepare for Grand Officer Protest on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, those being installed should arrive at the Convention Center dressed in formal attire. All other guests may wear a Rainbow t-shirt (ideally the new mascot t-shirt) and Rainbow appropriate pants and shoes.

Grand Assembly Clean Up
Each assembly will be assigned specific tasks for cleaning up after our Grand Assembly sessions. This will allow all of us to share in the work of our Grand Assembly Sessions and lessen the work for the members of the Grand Assembly Committee. Once these tasks have been completed, and confirmed by the designated member of the Grand Assembly Committee, assemblies may depart.

In-Person Grand Assembly- Tonopah

Rainbow Trails Ad Deadline Extension

Rainbow Trails Advertisement Order Form

Update - Supreme Assembly 2020

Dear Rainbow Family,

It is with much sadness that we must amend the plans for our 2020 “Friendships Bloom Where Rainbow Is Planted” sessions.  The continuing concerns regarding our pandemic situation combined with the  safety and health concerns for our each guests who were looking forward to joining us in Reno have necessitated this decision.   We are eternally grateful to the Peppermill Hotel Resort who has worked tirelessly with us for several years to make this a premier experience, and who has now released us from our contract.

Virtual Supreme Sessions 2020



SA T-shirt

Purchase here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/supreme-assembly-2020

Service Hour Reporting

Service Hours Reporting


Ribbon Ceremony

Presented by Laycee- Grand Service and Grand Lecturer


Rainbow Sunday

Message from Ari- Grand Religion

Part 1


Part 2

Message from Laycee- Grand Service and Grand Lecturer



Grand Cross of Color

Congratulations to the Grand Cross of Color designees.

Grand Cross of Color
  • Lily I.- Carson #7
  • Samantha S.- Boulder #8
  • Ari C.- Mt. Rose #13
  • Mrs. Michelle Jacobs- Carson #7

Grandies on Monica Jaye Live Radio!

Here is the podcast of your fellow rainbow sisters representing Nevada Rainbow on 99.1 FM talk! You can also listen here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7410512-monica-jaye-live-local-hr2-10-30-19?playlist_direction=forward.

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