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SWA Proficiency Program

There are four levels of Proficiency, with each level having either 10,15, or 20 questions and answers, that must be completed before proceeding to the next level. There will be over one hundred (100) questions available for you to select on each level.

For each level, you will earn a ribbon, and if all levels are completed, you will earn a Proficiency Pin. When you select your questions, move to the first level and then use your Traditional or Contemporary Ritual, Gold Book, Book of Traditional Instruction, and/or your Statutes of Supreme Assembly (2018) to find and memorize your answers. Each level will need to have a new set of questions and answers.

Level 1- through 1/1/21 (10 questions/memorization)
Level 2- 1/1/21 through 6/1/21 (15 questions/memorization)
Level 3- 6/1/21 through 12/1/21 (20 questions/memorization)
Level 4- 1/1/22 through 6/1/22 (20 questions/memorization)

Contact your Mother Advisor or Grand Deputy to get your study questions. To schedule a time to present your Proficiency work, please contact: Mrs. Kristin Cox (North) or Mrs. Stacy Bolshazy (South)

Published: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Nevada Rainbow for Girls made a donation to support children in foster care:County Commissioners accepted a $2,500 donation from The Nevada Rainbow for Girls to Washoe County Human Services Agency in support of children in foster care. The Nevada Rainbow for Girls teaches many life lessons, such as the importance of giving back to communities, leadership skills, time management and sisterhood.

“Throughout the year, our members on the local level, choose different organizations to serve and raise money for,” said Public Relations Co-Director of The Nevada Rainbow for Girls Megan Sakelarios. “We hope that our donation and collections have been beneficial and will make a difference in the lives of countless children at Kids Kottage.”

2020-2021 Grand Pages Announced

  • Page to the GWA: Scarlett, Daylite #22

  • Page to GWAA: Taylor, Daylite #22

  • Page to Grand Charity & Grand Hope: Ashlie, Sparks #3

  • Page to Grand Faith: Samantha, Sparks #3

2020-2021 Innovation Committee

The members of the new Innovation Committee (formerly known as the Junior Grand Executive Committe) are:

  • #1- Natalie M.

  • #3- Carlie W.

  • #7- Lily I.

  • #8- Airyanna C.

  • #9- Abigail B.

  • #10- Nina E.

  • #13- Sophia C.

  • #15- Kit F.

  • #22- Lexie W.


Supreme Assembly 2020: Highlights!

2020 was a historic year for the Supreme Assembly of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls for several reasons. First, the Supreme Assembly Sessions were held virtually, which allowed ALL Rainbow Girls and adults to participate in the Sessions from the convenience and safety of their own homes. This on line format eliminated geographic and economic challenges that often prevent girls and adults from attending these international meetings.

The Session agenda was also historic. The Supreme Family Meeting, during which Supreme Assembly business is conducted, was held in a public format for the first time. Again, this allowed anyone who was interested to view the meetings, hear reports from the various committees that have been hard at work over the past biennium, and experience the discussion regarding changes to the Constitution, Statutes, Ritual, Gold Book, and the Grand Cross of Color Degree. Additionally, the agenda for these Supreme Assembly Sessions was developed and lead by the girls! The Acting Supreme Officers, the Supreme Flag Bearers/Pages, the Grand Cross of Color Team, and the Cavalcade of Flags participants decided what was going to be presented during each Session, how (live or pre-recorded), and by whom.

The House of Gold met on Friday, July 24, 2020, in a closed meeting, which is required by the Constitution. During that meeting, elections were held and Gale Gould, Supreme Inspector from New York, was elected to serve as Supreme Faith. Those already serving in the Supreme Line advanced and the Supreme Treasurer and Recorder were re-elected. Additionally, the House of Gold added three new members: Mrs. Dana Regier (California), Miss Susan Torrey (Massachusetts), and Mrs. Joanne Weaver (Texas). These ladies will now be introduced as “Supreme Inspectors”. With the addition of these three new members, the House of Gold has 49 members; membership is limited to 50.

During the Supreme Family Meeting, eleven pieces of legislation were considered. The following is a summary of the proposed legislation (by topic).

Who may attend Rainbow meetings? This group was expanded to include non-affiliated spouses of members of our Sponsoring Orders and non-affiliated spouses of Majority members, at the discretion of the Supreme Inspector/Supreme Deputy. Previously, this group was limited to the wives of Master Masons. (Mother Advisors, do not panic! While the list of who may attend a meeting, the Mother Advisor’s charge at the opening of each meeting has been revised to consolidate the list of who may attend a closed meeting of Rainbow.)

Parent Cards: Due to the changes approved in 2020, Parent Cards are to be issued to the non-affiliated spouses of our Sponsoring Orders and spouses of Majority Members, if they attend closed meetings of Rainbow. What is a Parent Card? It is similar to a Dues card and is to be issued annually to our parents and non-affiliated spouses. Nevada has not issued these cards in the past, because we are a small jurisdiction and have the benefit of knowing our adults. However, in order to ensure compliance with the rules, assemblies will begin issuing Parent Cards in 2021.

Advisory Board Membership: Moving forward, non-affiliated spouses of Majority Members may serve on an Advisory Board, at the discretion of the Supreme Inspector/Supreme Deputy, and completion of the required background checks.

Advisory Board Size and Composition: The Statues have been revised to allow the Supreme Inspector/Supreme Deputy to approve Advisory Boards with as few as 5 members. In these instances, limitations have been placed on familial relationships among Board members - only 1 family may be represented by 2 Board members. Lastly, clarifying language was added to Statutes regarding the minimum number of Master Masons and Order of Eastern Star, Order of Amaranth, Order of White Shrine of Jerusalem that must serve on an Advisory Board based on the total number of Board members.

Advisory Board Quorum: The quorum for an Advisory Board meeting is and will continue to be 5, even if the Advisory Board consists of only has 5 members. This is intended to prevent the Mother Advisor and Chairman (both of whom must be at all Board meetings) from having a majority vote.

Election of Mother Advisors: Currently, Mother Advisors are elected in December, during the organizational meeting of the Advisory Board for the next calendar year. Legislation was passed to allow the Supreme Inspector/Supreme Deputy to allow for the election of the Mother Advisor at other times in the year. For example, in Washington/Idaho, Mother Advisors will be elected in the Spring, and their term of office will align more closely with the Grand Year, not the calendar year.

Grand Cross of Color: Language was added to clarify the expectations of those who are to be recognized as Masters of the Grand Cross of Color, to standardize the minimum number of years of service required by girls and adults (3 years), and to clarify the number of nominations allowed for each Supreme Inspector/Supreme Deputy. The requirement for minimum of 3 years of selfless service is a minimum; Nevada will continue to honor its tradition of a minimum of 5 years of service for girls and adults.

Reopening Assemblies: Previously, when assemblies were reopened, states often wanted to use the same assembly name and number, as well as the tax ID number. Unfortunately, this is not an option if the assembly has been inactive (not filed taxes) for three years, due to IRS regulations. If an assembly does not file a 990N form for three consecutive years, then the tax status is automatically revoked. If an assembly is reopened after being closed for three or more years, a new assembly number will be issued and a new tax ID number will be requested and paid for via the IRS.

Some legislation was not approved. A proposal to allow majority members of Job’s Daughters and Senior DeMolays to serve on Rainbow Advisory Boards was not approved.

The Supreme Family Meeting also included revisions to the Ritual, the Gold Book and the Grand Cross of Color Degree. Those changes will be summarized and distributed separately.

Service Hour Reporting

Service Hours Reporting



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