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March 22, 2020

Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life! 

These words take on a new meaning for me every day, especially these days when we are asked to live our daily lives, and therefore our Rainbow lives, differently. Every day your Rainbow sisters and adults are thinking about how we can continue to serve our Order and fulfill our commitment to living a life of service in innovative ways.

At work - yes, I am still working at the Department of Education - making sure those of you still in school have the opportunity to continue learning - although from a distance. While many of our staff have the ability to work remotely, my staff and I don't have that opportunity; we process payments, which require us to be in the office. To keep us focused and positive, I have asked my staff to focus on the 3 "P"s: Positivity; Productivity; and Peace. I would like our Rainbow family to join in spreading the "Power of the P's."

Positivity: Please commit to finding the good in everything! If you are feeling sad that you can't see your friends at Rainbow, FaceTime them or Skype. Call one of your Board members to see how they are doing. Remember, everyone is at home these days, missing our Rainbow and Masonic family. Call a Pledge Member, see how she is doing, share with her what you enjoyed doing when you were her age and could not leave the house. Sad that your meetings must be held virtually? Appreciate that your adults are now being forced to learn new technologies :-) (No, I am still not going to learn to post to FaceBook; then again - in 30 days...)

Productivity: How can you be productive in Rainbow when we are not going to Rainbow? Continue to learn your memory work - for this term, for proficiency, for Grand Assembly. Continue to live a life of service. If your parents will let you go outside, say "hello" to everyone you walk past. Take a bag and fill it with trash as you go on a walk (then, wash your hands when you get home). Make a happy sign and put it up in your front yard to brighten the spirits of your neighbors. Do you have chalk? Create chalk art on the sidewalk or on your driveway to share positive messages with those in your neighborhood. If it snows, get up early and shovel your neighborhood.

Peace: Be kind to everyone. None of us have ever experienced anything like this before. We are learning and coping right next to you. Thank your parents for loving you; thank your siblings for annoying you; be grateful that so many are working so hard to keep us as safe as possible.

I have one more "P" for Nevada Rainbow - Post. Share what your are doing on your Assembly social media sites or contact Ms. Snow and the PR team to ask that they post your great work and ideas on our Nevada Rainbow social media.

Speaking of social media, please check out the Supreme Assembly 2020 FaceBook group, and the Masonic Youth Virtual Field Trips FaceBook group. Mrs. Jacka has shared with me that we can now participate in virtual adventures. Last week, the adventure was to Yosemite National Park. Also, watch this site for more information on a nationwide Rainbow Sunday event - yes, nationwide! How awesome will that be - all of Rainbow participating in Rainbow Sunday at the same time!

I miss each and everyone of you and I pray for you and your families to remain healthy and safe.

Forever Faithful to my beloved Nevada Rainbow girls, adults, and families.

Heidi Haartz
Supreme Deputy in Nevada
Bloom where you are planted ~ when flowers bloom, so does Faith.

March 15, 2020

Our Governor announced in his press release this afternoon that schools will be closed across our state in response to the COVID-19 situation until at least April 6th.

Therefore, there will be no in-person Rainbow meetings or events while schools remain closed, which includes no meetings for any reason in a person’s home…including Advisory Board Meetings.

Please proceed with this protocol:

Please let Mrs. Haartz know if you have girls, families, adults who become ill - so we can provide assistance if necessary, and prayer support.


“The Enchanted Forest- Dream, Lead, Believe” California Grand Assembly

California Grand Assembly time is here. The “Enchanted Forest, Dream -Lead - Believe” Grand Assembly Sessions will be April 4-7 in Fresno, California. We will stay at the Double Tree Hotel for 4 nights and be there from Opening on Saturday until the completion of Installation on Tuesday Afternoon.


COST - The items listed below are a total of $450.00 - all must be purchased together, no one is to be left behind including both adults and girls.

The only other money you will need to bring is your own spending money for souvenirs, etc. We will wear our traveling fabric dresses for most sessions. Grand Officers will wear their 2019 Grand Officers dress for Formal Escort and will need to bring 2 small token gifts – one for their current counterpart and one for their 2019/2020 newly announced counterpart.


Reno travelers - will travel in a caravan from Reno to Fresno. We will leave from Reno Friday afternoon at 3pm from the McDonalds at Mae Anne and McCarran and will leave for home from Fresno on Tuesday about 4:30pm after the Installation. The travel time between Reno and Fresno is about 6 hours in good weather.

Las Vegas travelers – will travel in caravan from Las Vegas to Fresno – We will meet at Mrs. Bolshazys house. The address is 11113 Montagne Marron Blvd. Las Vegas NV, 89141.

If you are attending, please complete the Registration page and the Transportation/Medical Release form and
return to me no later than Friday February 21, 2020. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (702)325-8352 or email at Rainbowmom22@gmail.com.

Supreme Choir


Grand Charity Raffle Flier

2020 Grand Charity Fundraiser Keychains

Downloadable Form

Grandies on Monica Jaye Live Radio!

Here is the podcast of your fellow rainbow sisters representing Nevada Rainbow on 99.1 FM talk! You can also listen here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7410512-monica-jaye-live-local-hr2-10-30-19?playlist_direction=forward.

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Grand Choir 2020

"Ohana means family and family means Nevada Rainbow"

Join the Melodious Monkettes Grand Choir today!

Please contact:

1. Your Mother Asdvisor
2. Grand Musician - Lily C.
3. Grand Choir Director - Lexie W.
4. Miss Pamplin, Dirtector of Grand Assembly Music, musicaltwotimer@hotmail.com or (707)342-2178

Rockin Ritual Reno 2020

Supreme Ritual Competition Reno 2020 will use the Frank Marshall Championship Tournament System. It was established in 1991, and is designed to train judges, coaches, and other advisors in ritual proficiency. This system establishes a consistent, unbiased performance rules and guidelines to enhance and perpetuate ritual proficiency and excellence. The Supreme Ritual Competition will be hosted by Arkansas Grand Assembly.

Supreme Assembly International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, revised copyright 2010 with ritual changes from Supreme Assembly Session’s 2012, 2014, 2018. This large version has 115 Assembly Session’s 2012, 2014, 2018. This large version has 115 Assembly Session’s 2012, 2014, 2018. An example of a Ritual reference on the judging sheets is R3215 (Ritual, page 32, printed line 15).

Contemporary Ritual
Supreme Assembly International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, revised 2009, 2013. This version has 100 numbered pages. An example of a Contemporary Ritual reference on the judging reference on the judging sheets is CR3215 (Contemporary Ritual, page 32, printed line 15).

Gold Book
The Gold Book of Instruction, Guided Visit Through Realm Of The Gold Book of Instruction, dated 2015. An example of a Gold Book reference is G1640 (Gold Book, page 16, printed line 40).

Any Source document provided by the Frank Marshall Championship Tournament for any ceremony not listed in the RITUAL or GOLD BOOK.

Competition Documents

trophyUniversal Entry Form
Rockin Ritual Reno Presentation
Panel Ritual


Judging Sheets

Timer's Sheet

Novice Level - Chaplain's Prayers
Competitors ages 10-14 as of the day of the contest.
Chaplain’s Prayers- Opening, Initiation, and Closing

Junior Level- Awesome Seven
Competitors ages 15-17 as of the day of the contest.
Awesome 7- All 7 Bow Station Lectures

Senior Level- Installing Officer
Competitors ages 18-21 as of the day of the contest.

Team- Assembly Proficiency

Team- Awesome Seven

For additional information, please contact Mrs. Kristin Cox, Director of Proficiency email:tynkris@charter.net.

Accessorize Supreme Flier

Downloadable Form

Formal Dress Bag Sale



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