All About Nevada Rainbow

Welcome to the Nevada Rainbow Information Page! This page was designed by our own Grand Representatives and includes much of the information that they ask for from other states. We hope you find it informational and helpful.

Nevada Grand Assembly

Nevada Grand Assembly will be held over Father's Day weekend in June 2024.

Grand Assembly Events 

Assembly podiumsThe main activities at our Grand Assembly are Ritualistic Opening, Closing, Initiation, Memorial Service, Majority Service, Installation, Grand Cross Degree (which is performed by past Grand Officers) and Retiring of the Jewels. We also have a fun night during Grand Assembly, as well as a Grand Banquet, which are both open to everyone. Some of the competitions at Grand Assembly are assembly entertainment, assembly scrapbooks, Grand Officer pantaloon parade, mascots, assembly wavers, page baskets, trailer sashes, door decorations, and assembly banners. Grand Assembly also brings the announcement of scholarship awards and the Girls of the Year for Service and for Membership.

Nevada's Total Membership

Nevada Rainbow has 10 assemblies and about 76 members.

Nevada's State Publications

We have one state-wide publication, the "Rainbow Trails", which comes out once a year at Grand Assembly and contains pictures of each Grand Officer and Worthy Advisors who served during the year. It also contains reports from each assembly and the condensed minutes from last year's Grand Assembly Sessions.

Nevada's Grand Worthy Advisor

Shelby Freidhof is our Grand Worthy Advisor for 2023-2024. Yellow Arrow

Grand Worthy Advisor's Service Project2024 Mascot - Red Fox

This year, our state wide service project will be announced during our Founder's Day event in July.

Nevada Grand Officer Mascot

Our mascot this year is the red fox. The new mascot is selected by the outgoing GWA and is a secret until the last evening session of Grand Assembly when the outgoing Grand Officers reveal the new ones. Clues as to what the mascot are usually given throughout the Grand Assembly sessions.

Grand Representatives

Grand Representatives are considered Grand Officers. They do not need to be Past Worthy Advisors, although most are. All Grand Representatives must write, memorize, and present a report at Grand Assembly.

Grand Officers

Grand Officers are recommended by their Advisory Board of their assembly and appointed by the Supreme Officer.

Specialty Officers

In Nevada, we have a Grand Historian, Grand Lecturer, and Grand Editor. Often these are paired with other Grand appointments. Most Grand Floor Officers are also Grand Representatives so that all the jurisdictions have representation.Yellow Arrow

Merit/Service Bars and Proficiency

The girls earn merit bars for Rainbow activities, as well as service hours and awards for service to others. Most assemblies have a traditional program for "extra service bars". Some of those traditions include a charm or another service bar for additional 500 points - rather than the 100 points needed to earn "regular" service bars. We have a 5-level proficiency program. Each level requires a greater amount of ritualistic memory work. For example, the fifth degree is proficient delivery of all the Presiding Officer parts for Installation.

Rainbow Camp

Nevada has enjoyed Rainbow Camp every year in March for more than 20 years. Although we call it "camp", we all stay in hotel rooms in Tonopah - which is in the center of our state. We enjoy a half day of programming and a half day of crafts and games. The program for Rainbow Camp is designed and conducted by the Grand Worthy Associate Advisor and the Director of Rainbow Camp. Our girls and adults then participate in a Lip Sync "competition" where everyone is sure to be recognized for their efforts! We conclude our weekend on Sunday morning with a group breakfast and a non-denominational service is organized by the Grand Chaplain and given by the Grand Officers and many Worthy Advisors. The new recipients for Grand Cross and Adult Service Award are also announced.

Grand Officer Dress Code 

At official functions, the Grand Officers always wear long dresses with hoops, pantaloons, specific kinds of shoes and hairpieces. See also Dress Code.


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