Dress Code

Do you remember the first Nevada Grand Assembly you attended and how impressed you were with the appearance of the Grand Officers? They all looked so beautiful "floating" across the Grand Assembly room floor. They had that certain "look" of pride and confidence. NOW is your opportunity to carry on this outstanding tradition .... and to be that example.

One of the benefits of Rainbow is to help our members mature into beautiful, responsible young women, prepared to meet challenges with dignity, grace and poise. The following guidelines are to help our members make appropriate choices, based on the activities they will participate in.

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Short dress including dresses of tea-length or high-low length, or skirt and blouse or sweater. Vests are acceptable. Grandie shifts that resemble a short dress are acceptable. You may wear our Nevada Rainbow polo shirt, tucked in, with a khaki or denim skirt. Mini skirts, jeans, pants, split skirts; tank tops, bare midriff tops; Grandie shifts that are more costume than short dress are not acceptable (except during practice). Skirts, like pencil skirts that hug the body and require “adjustment” after bowing or sitting are unacceptable. Skirt hems can not be shorter than three inches above the knee.
Shoes should be appropriate to the outfit.  Flat dress shoes are recommended at all times; however, with a short-dress outfit or non-hooped formal, shoes should (ideally) have no more than a two-inch heel.  Open toed shoes with strap on the back (heel) are acceptable. 

Bob and Tom style shoes in solid colors or sparkly (and clean) are acceptable at short dress meetings or under long dresses when worn with a hoop skirt.  
Tennis shoes (unless it is a “tennis shoe” themed meeting approved by the Advisory Board); Uugs; beach sandals or flip flops; Birkenstock-style sandals or shoes; cowboy boots or boots with anklets.  
Proper undergarments, including pantyhose, should be worn at all Rainbow meetings.  Nylons should be of a color or shade appropriate to the outfit; tights, including striped or patterned tights, are acceptable provided one's outfit is not head-to-toe black. Jet black nylons are not acceptable if they cause the outfit to be head-to-toe black. Knee highs are not acceptable for short dress meetings.  Additionally, thigh high nylons (which tend to roll down), ankle stockings and fishnet stockings are not acceptable.

NOTE: While individuality is certainly encouraged, so too is moderation. Girls are encouraged to limit, for example, the number and colors of hair (i.e., striping, exaggerated hair colors like green), the number of visible earrings, etc.).

(1) When bowing from the waist, are your undergarments visible, or do you need to hold your skirt - or shirt - down in the back? If so, it's too short for a Rainbow Meeting.
(2) Ask your mother or father to stand behind you and in front of you while you bow from the waist.  If she/he gaps, the outfit is not appropriate for a Rainbow meeting.  Please select something a little longer and/or shows less chest.
(3)Ask your mom or dad to use a tape measure to measure from the top of your knee to the bottom of your hem.  If this distance measures more than 3 inches, the shirt is too short to be worn to a Rainbow meeting.Green Arrow


Formal Meetings include, but are not limited to the following:  Installation, Initiation, Formal Escort, Receptions, and Eastern Star or Masonic functions when Rainbow Girls are being honored.  (Open Meetings may be short dress or formal, depending on the tradition of the Assembly and the preference of the Worthy Advisor.)

Floor length dresses, no more than one inch from the floor (with one's shoes on). Tea length or hi-low hem dresses are acceptable for short dress meetings. Tea length or hi-low hem dresses are not acceptable for formal meetings. Low-cut bodices or those that do not fit close to the chest are unacceptable because they may reveal too much body when we bow!
Colors: Pastels, primary colors, white or jewel colors, designs which contain black outlines, eyes, noses, etc. are acceptable using discretion and moderation. In 1996, Supreme Assembly ruled that no jurisdiction will allow black formal wear; therefore, black fabric or fabrics that appear black from a distance are not acceptable at Rainbow events.  Additionally, brown, navy and other dark colors should not be the predominate color of formal wear.
Small crinoline slips. Gowns with hoop skirts with ankle-length pantaloons.

Note: Personal Page dresses are designed to fit over a crinoline, not a hoop skirt.  Girls are encouraged not to wear a hoop skirt under these dresses because the skirts generally do not have enough fabric to fit nicely over a hoop skirt.

Please be respectful of Assembly-specific traditions regarding when girls may wear hoop skirts (i.e. elected to serve as Faith, elected to serve as Worthy Advisor, etc.).
Not acceptable as pantaloons:  pajama bottoms, workout or yoga pants, sweatpants or jeans.
Shoes should be white or colored matching the dress; flats, heels (no more than 2 inches), ballet slippers are acceptable with formal dresses.  Additionally, Bob and Tom style shoes in solid colors or sparkly (and clean) are acceptable when worn with a hoop skirt.  
The following are not acceptable with formal dresses:  black flats or heals; beach type sandals or flip flops; tennis shoes; shoes that “flap” when walking.
Proper undergarments should be worn at all times.  Undergarments should be appropriate to the style of dress (some dresses are best suited for strapless bras); appropriate colors (white and pastel dresses should be worn with white or light colored bras); nylons should be skin-tone.  Knee-high nylons are acceptable when worn with pantaloons. Dark undergarments should not be worn with light colored or white dresses.  Additionally, safety pins should not be used to make undergarments “appropriate” to a dress. 

NOTE: Gowns must have sufficient number or width of shoulder straps to provide adequate support for the bodice. A single spaghetti strap (1/4") is not sufficient, whereas a combination of three spaghetti straps on a single side probably is. Bodices with one shoulder bare are acceptable, provided adequate bodice support is available on the other shoulder.

Grand Officers will wear dresses with hoops at all official functions, except her OWN Reception, at which time she may wear a “more adult” dress, provided it is not extremely tight, an inappropriate color, nor with a large slit. Green Arrow


Girls should wear their bars to all Rainbow meetings, both short dress and formal.

Grand Officers are encouraged to wear their bars to short dress meetings; however, they should not wear their bars during formal events.
Stud earrings are acceptable, regardless of where they are placed in the ear; earrings may be single stud earrings or have up to a two-inch dangle or hoop from the bottom of one’s earlobe to the bottom of the earring.  Double Zero is the largest gauge size that is “acceptable.”  At regular meetings, the Deputy may ask (any) girls to remove multiple earrings, if there is a valid reason for doing so.

Grand Officers:  When dressed as Grand Officers (hoop and hair piece), Grand Officers may wear only a single stud earring in each ear, regardless of the occasion.  Additional Grand Officer-specific guidelines for jewelry are found in the Grand Officer Handbook.   
Fake tapers and open holes for gauges and tapers are not acceptable at any Rainbow event.  If asked by an adult to remove these types of jewelry, girls will comply immediately.  If such jewelry cannot be removed for the length of the event, it will be replaced with clear or flesh colored jewelry. 
Leadership 2012:  After a lengthy (and cooperative) discussion about Tattoos – these are the current guidelines for ALL Nevada Rainbow. These guidelines are presented to be respectful of our younger members, prospective members and their parents. No disrespect would ever want to be projected.

At formal and short dress events, tattoos must be cover BEFORE you enter the building, not in the bathroom with young girls (and adults) watching!  At Grand Assembly, non-Grand Officers may use Band-Aids suitable to the size of the tattoo; Grand Officers will use professional makeup to cover tattoos to ensure full and long-lasting coverage.

At casual functions
, the size, intensity of colors, and nature of design determine whether or not a tattoo must be covered. Tattoos that reflect violence, death, drugs, alcohol, race, sexism or subject matter in these areas must be covered.

In all cases, if one’s Grand Deputy asks a member to cover a tattoo, it will be covered immediately. After the meeting/event, the member and the Grand Deputy may discuss the situation that necessitated the request. Once a member is asked to cover a tattoo, it should be covered for all future meetings or events.


Appropriate clothing will vary based on the type of practice being held and the timing of the practice.  For instance, girls may be asked to dress differently for Installation practice than for skit practice.  Similarly, girls may be asked to dress formally for a practice that immediately precedes a formal Rainbow meeting or event, such as Installation, Official Visit, or Reception.
Tattered, or torn; pants, capris, shorts, skirts, or skorts that provide adequate coverage and have no holes; and shoes appropriate to the practice.

Low rise jeans should be worn with caution, as they do not always provide coverage of the bootie or panties.  Similarly, leggings may be worn if as part of an outfit (Grand Officer Leadership 8/08). 
Blouse, T-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt, which do not convey potentially offensive messages and are not revealing.  
Shorts, provided they are golf or walking length; split skirts, walking length, Skirts at Rainbow appropriate length. Short shorts.
Tennis shoes, sandals, etc. Bare feet!


The Mother Advisor will assist the girls in determining the appropriate style of dress for the specific event.
Fundraising or Fun Event:  Refer to the “Practices” section.
Formal Event (such as an OES Installation or DeMolay Dance)Refer to the “Formal Meetings” section.
Swimwear:  Must be modest – not revealing or seductive.  Wearing a one-piece or tankini are good options.  Cover ups are appropriate for all water events. 

Two-piece swim suits are permissible under the following conditions: 
  • The swim suit may NOT be a string bikini or thong swimwear
  • The swim suit may NOT tie with a string
  • The swim suit must be worn (in the swimming area/pool) WITH a T-shirt; the same (wet) T-shirt may not be worn between the pool and the car/hotel room/etc.  (Grand Officer Leadership 2012)
T-shirts and shorts may not be worn in a pool instead of a swim suit.
Tennis shoes, sandals appropriate to the activity, weather, location. Bare feet except at the pool/beach.Green Arrow


Adults are encouraged to participate in these dress guidelines, serving as examples to our younger members. Business or professional attire is certainly appropriate, with the exception of solid black, pants or split skirt outfits for women.

Adult women, while prohibited by Supreme from wearing solid black gowns, may use discretion in their formal attire. Many beaded tops, for example, contain minimal black accents.

Gentlemen are encouraged to observe moderation in their dress.  Jackets and ties should be worn appropriate to the activity and weather. Docker-type slacks and Nevada Rainbow Polo shirts are acceptable for many Rainbow meetings. Jeans (other than dress/slack jeans) should be reserved for "fun activities."

When participating in Crowing Ceremonies, many Lodges request formal attire. When attending formal Rainbow meetings, suits, dress slacks with sweater, jacket and tie, or tuxedo are appropriate.


In Nevada, we must travel long distances in unpredictable weather to Rainbow events (outside our geographic area).  When it is impractical to travel in a short dress, casual attire appropriate to the weather is acceptable. 

Upon arrival at the Temple (or other destination), travelers should proceed IMMEDIATELY to the restroom/dressing room to quickly change into clothing appropriate for the event.  Likewise, when preparing to leave (after refreshments), travelers may change into their casual clothes IMMEDIATELY prior to their departure.

For safety reasons, changing at the destination (Temple, hotel, etc.) is preferable to changing in a gas station restroom, rest area or car.

The Mother Advisor or other designated adults (such as the Director of Grand Officers) may set specific clothing guidelines for Rainbow travel, within the state and while traveling to other jurisdictions.  Examples include requesting that a certain Rainbow T-shirt be worn on a certain day or requesting that girls wear their nylons and proper undergarments under their casual clothing to expedite the changing process upon arrival at the destination.

Appropriate:  Refer to the “Practices” section for guidelines on Rainbow appropriate casual, travel attire.

  Shorts, leggings, yoga pants, work out pants, sandals, and flip flops are NOT acceptable when traveling for Rainbow events.  As we travel, we want to be noticed for how well we travel, not how well (or not) we look in out clothing. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, it is important to have proper protection on your feet.  Sandals and flip-flops do not offer this protection.

Appropriate:  Sweat pants, such as NVIORG logoware, may be worn while traveling IN Nevada; sweat pants may not be worn when traveling outside of the state of Nevada.

Pajamas and slippers may never be worn while traveling.  (Pajamas and slippers are only appropriate for themed meetings, sleepovers, or shang-hi breakfasts.)


Please check with the Supreme Officer prior to traveling to another Rainbow jurisdiction to clarify any specific clothing requirements of that state.

Upon arrival in that jurisdiction, please be respectful of their clothing guidelines for specific events.  For example, many jurisdictions require that ladies arrive at the Grand Assembly hotel/registration area in a short dress.  

Some jurisdictions wear only white dresses, while others do not wear hoops or hear pieces.  Some jurisdictions wear short dresses for all Supreme Assembly Sessions; others alternate between short dresses and formals based on the session.  It is not necessary (or appropriate) for Nevada Rainbow girls to purchase new dresses to comply with that jurisdiction’s dress code.  When traveling, Nevada Rainbow girls are representing our state and our traditions. Therefore, it is appropriate to adhere to the Nevada Clothing Guidelines.

Green Arrow