Assemblies in Nevada have two regular meetings per month, every two weeks on an established day, time, and location to plan their activities and perform the official opening and closing ceremonies of the ritual. In addition to those meetings are other local assembly events the girls have planned to hold during that month, which may include a variety of fun, fundraising, or charity/community service activities as described earlier.

There are opportunities for the girls to travel to other assemblies in the state for their meetings or activities, and to attend and participate in various state-level functions and events. With the assistance of the Advisory Board, the girls decide on the planned meetings and activities of their own assembly, trying to schedule times not in conflict with other planned state Rainbow, community or school events.


Giving unselfishly of one’s self to assist another in need can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. That's what the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is all about. The primary function of a Rainbow Girl is to serve others and humanity.

Rainbow Girls on the local and state level chose a charity to support during each term. Girls and adults provide service and hold fundraisers to raise money for that charity. They raise money through a wide variety of activities. At the conclusion of the local assembly or state assembly terms, the charity is presented a check for those funds raised, as well as a report on the number of service hours given.

Each year, hundreds of hours of community service were provided to organizations such as 3 Square Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Child ID Program, Susan B Komen Foundation, as well as many hours provided to our Statewide Service Projects.

Statewide Service Project

In Nevada, the Grand Worthy Advisor chooses a statewide service project. Assemblies help the Grand Worthy Advisor by providing service hours or raising money for her chosen project.

The 2023-2024 service project was focused on supporting veterans. Nevada Rainbow collected $3,388.88.

Since last Grand Assembly, Nevada’s Rainbow Girls reported a total of 2,266 hours of service. This is an average of 36 hours per the 62 members reporting service hours (prorated to ensure equity between all assemblies).

Additionally, funds were raised at coin marches which are held at every Official Visit and from Rainbow Sunday while at Camp, as well as selling Grand Worthy Advisor pins and Speech Books. All of our assemblies take pride in organizing a specific fund raising event to assist our statewide effort.


Here are some of the service projects for the past few years. Click on the link to get more information about each organization.

Year Grand Worthy Advisor Service Project
2025 Carlie Wade TBA
2024 Shelby Freidhof Veterans; Making blankets and Volunteering
2023 Cadence DeJan Alzheimer Association
2022 Lexie Wuest Ending youth hunger by supporting local food banks in our communities
2021 Ari Carmona Safe Embrace- North; Safe Nest- South
2020 Savannah Lagorio Focus on Families (Foster Care)
2019 Madisson Jacobs Veteran's Guest House
2018 Kailynn Yetter Shriner's Children's Hospitals
2017 Megan Sakelarios Statewide Service Program 2017: Appreciation of our heroes- Fire, Police, First Responders, Military Veterans. Coin march collections and GWA pins will benefit Honor Flight of Nevada and Honor Flight of Southern Nevada.
2016 Shelby Brandt Multiple Local Events
2015 Katie Ryan Alzheimer Association
2014 Jessica Wright Alzheimer Association
2013 Alyssa Ball Alzheimer Association
2012 Katherine Kirk Alzheimer Association
2011 Lander Kennedy Alzheimer Association
2010 Jennifer Lewis Alzheimer Association
2009 Selena La Rue Alzheimer Association
2008 Caitlyn O'Connor Alzheimer Association
2007 Cherie Gomes American Cancer Society
2006 Stephanie Barth Lewis Make-a-Wish Foundation
2005 Liandra Hayes Dutton Alzheimer Association
2004 Kaitlin Holmen Byrne The Crisis Call Center - Suicide & Crisis Intervention
2003 Stephanie Meacham Black Make-a-Wish Foundation
2002 Dani Lutzow National Multiple Sclerosis Society
2001 Vanessa Harms Nelson Breast Cancer Awareness
2000 Christina Williams Schomb Habitat for Humanity
1999 Allicia DuVan Tomolo March of Dimes

Assemblies of the Year for Service - The Assembly with the most Average Hours Per Member



Service Hours

Avg. per Member

2024 Sparks #3 803.5 hours 114.8 Hours per Member
2023 Carson #7 142 hours 71 Hours per Member
2022 Carson #7 78 hours 19.5 Hours per Member
2021 Boulder #8   76 Hours per Member
2019 Daylite #22 1078.4 hours 47 Hours per Member
2018 Reno #1 731 hours 40.6 Hours per Member
2017 Las Vegas #9    
2016 Las Vegas #9 1500 hours 93.7 Hours per Member
2015 Las Vegas #9   86.93 Hours per Member
2014 Carson #7 2405 hours 126.57 Hours Per Member
2013 Las Vegas #9 2063 hours 108 Hours Per Member
2012 Boulder #8 2197 hours 85 Hours Per Member
2011 Daylite #22 2330 hours 97 Hours Per Member
2010 Boulder #8 1066 hours 119 Hours Per Member
2009 Daylite #22 1562 Hours 78 Hours Per Member
2008 Boulder #8 1584 Hours 68 Hours Per Member
2007 Boulder #8 1886 Hours 85 Hours Per Member
2006 Boulder #8 2635 Hours 132 Hours Per Member
2005 Boulder #8 2876 Hours 120 Hours Per Member

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