The Teachings of Rainbow

Grand Bow Ribbons
Seven lessons are taught to the girls at their initiation ceremony which are represented by the colors of the Rainbow. Short lectures are given on the subjects of Love, Religion, Nature, Immortality, Fidelity, Patriotism, and Service. 

Each lesson a girl receives from one of the Color Stations takes her symbolically further toward her goal--the Pot of Gold. These are lessons that a Rainbow Girl keeps throughout her life. Each Color Station represents a color of the Rainbow, and teaches a specific lesson: Red: Love

The lecture of the Sister of Love is about love in all of its forms. It reminds us that we must love everyone--our God, our families, our friends, and even our enemies.

It is fitting that the Sister of Love's color is red, because love is like having the ultimate in rose-colored glasses. Love helps us see the good behind the bad things in life. It allows us to love people in spite of knowing their faults. Even when someone is gone from our lives, it is the love that remains. Orange: Religion

The lecture of the Sister of Religion uses examples based on Christianity. This is because the founder of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls was a Christian minister. However, we should not interpret this lecture as telling us that Christianity is the only way. The principle message is that some sort of organized religion should be a part of all of our lives. The lecture uses examples from Chrisitianity to teach the general truths applicable to all organized religions. An example of such a universal truth is: "Do unto others as you would have them unto you."

This lecture emphasizes the importance of a Religion based on love and forgiveness. It does not require conversion to the Christian religion. Yellow: Nature

The lecture of the Sister of Nature is that nature and its lessons should always be present in our lives. In our increasingly technological world, nature can get lost. We each need to spend time marveling at the way the elements of our natural world fit together, each part of that world supporting another.

The Sister of Nature reminds us that the environment is not just a "cause;" it is where we all live, an atmosphere from which we can gain inspiration. We must do our best to protect our environment so that we may continue to take lessons from it. Green: Immortality

The lecture of the Sister of Immortality teaches us that death is a part of life. We must each learn to cope with the idea that eventually death will come to each of us. In addition, we must learn to grieve and go on after those we love pass away.

The Sister of Immortality relies on the teachings of Christianity to explain the concept of an afterlife. Like the lecture of the Sister Religion, these teachings are only examples of the afterlife that is a part of many, if not most, organized religions.Orange Arrow Blue: Fidelity

The lecture of the Sister of Fidelity teaches us to be honest. When we make a promise, we must keep it. When we say we will do something, we must do it. When a friend trusts us with a secret, we must keep it.

The Sister of Fidelity teaches us to show others by our actions that we are honest and reliable. Indigo: Patriotism

The lecture of the Sister of Patriotism teaches us to be true to our country. Sometimes we think of service to our country as military service, but this is not the only way we can serve. The Sister of Patriotism's lecture has a place in all of our lives and is demonstrated when we vote, when we serve in elected office, when we participate in electoral campaigns, or work in the public service.

In short, the Sister of Patriotism teaches us to be a proud citizen of our country, to respect its flag, and to defend it through military service when called to do so. Violet: Service

One could say that the Sister of Service represents the lesson that ties all of the others together. We serve our loved ones and our Supreme Being. By working to preserve the environment, we learn its importance. Our service to others lives on, even when we are gone. We show our patriotism by serving our country.

This lecture teaches us that service does not have to be a big thing. It can be as simple as helping with family chores or visiting a shut-in. It is important to do things for others, not just when it's convenient or organized by your Assembly. Service to others should be an everyday part of each of our lives.Orange Arrow

3 Principles

Sister of Faith

dove The Sister of Faith guides us through the journey of Initiation just as our Faith guides us through life. The Sister of Faith teaches us to have Faith in God, in each other, and in every righteous thing. Most importantly, the Sister of Faith teaches us to have faith in ourselves. She shows us that when things get really difficult, we are strong enough to get through anything.

Sister of Hope

anchor The Sister of Hope teaches us not to despair and to never give up, because something better is around the corner for each of us. We learn from the Sister of Hope never to doubt that doing the "right" thing will be best for us in the end. It is easy to give up hope and use that as an excuse to give up completely on trying to live by the lessons of Rainbow. The lesson of Sister of Hope says, "hang on, you matter, don't give up, keep working for that goal, because you will get there."

Sister of Charity

Pot of Gold

The Sister of Charity teaches us to strive for the Pot of Gold all of our lives. For Rainbow Girls, the Pot of Gold is a life lived completely according to the lessons of Rainbow. The Sister of Charity shows us the principal treasures in the Pot of Gold, but she reminds us that there are many others that we find in a life of service. In other words, in making the lessons of Rainbow an everyday part of our lives, we will find life's true treasures. Although a Rainbow Girl can only stay active through the age of 20, when they reach their majority, these lessons do not end there.

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