Who's Who?

Grand Worthy Advisor

The Grand Worthy Advisor plans and executes the state-wide programs. She also runs the Grand Assembly, while it is in session. Visit the Grand Worthy Advisor’s page to read her message and learn more about her term of office.

Grand Officers

The Grand Officers are the set of officers who function at the state level. Many of these girls also help run statewide projects and have state executive duties. Visit the Grand Officers page to see who the current year’s Grandies are.

Grand Representatives

These girls are the contacts to other states and countries that have Rainbow and are responsible for giving a report at Grand Assembly on what they have learned about our sister jurisdictions. Visit this page to see the list of the current year’s representatives.

Supreme Deputy

The Supreme Deputy is the adult representative to Supreme Assembly from Nevada. She oversees all of the Rainbow activities in the state. Our Supreme Deputy is Mrs. Heidi Haartz.Yellow Arrow

Grand Deputies

The Grand Deputies are the adult representatives to the Supreme Officer from the local assemblies. They oversee all of the Rainbow activities in their area, as well as special things that happen at Grand Assembly. Visit here to meet the Grand Deputies.


Special Assignments are given to adults throughout the state during the year. Visit here to see the special assignments, and meet the people who help with these programs and events.

Grand Executive Board

The Grand Executive Board is responsible for the administrative work of our jurisdiction: pay the bills, complete reports, and see to the overall welfare of our Assemblies. Visit here to meet the Grand Executive Board.

Grand Assembly Committee

This committee is organized to alternate between Reno and Las Vegas- wherever Grand Assembly will be held. This committee is responsible for orchestrating Grand Assembly sessions in the areas of facilities, housing, registration, meals, decorations; as well as other events and activites associated with Grand Assembly.

State Rainbow Dads

Each year the Grand Officers submit names of the men who have given outstanding support to Nevada Rainbow. The vote is taken, and the name of the new State Rainbow Dad is revealed during announcements at Grand Assembly.

Past Grand Worthy Advisors

Here, you can see a list of all of the past Grand Worthy Advisors in Nevada.

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