Girls of the Year in Nevada

Girls of Year Medallions
History Of the Awards

During 1996-1997, Erin Kausler, Grand Hope and Jill Ceresola, Acting Grand Service , introduced changes to Girl of the Year awards. There would now be age specific awards for Girl of the Year for Membership and Girl of the Year for Service. There would be two awards for each category. One would be for a girl in grades 5-8, and the other for girls 9th grade and above. The original medallions were specially created by Harvey Williams. The Membership Award would be attached to a Blue ribbon, and the Service Medallion to a Violet ribbon.

Responsibilities for membership recruitment changed from Grand Hope to Grand Faith during the 1998-1999 Grand year.

Each year at Grand Assembly, these recipients are announced. After receiving their medallion, they wear the medallion for the year to all Rainbow meetings, and are recognized during escort at each Official Visit and Grand Assembly. Then during the next year's Grand Assembly, the medallions are passed on to the new recipients.

The Junior Division is for girls 9th Grade and under; the Senior Divison includes freshmen in high school or older.

In 2008, Autumn Phelps, Grand Service created and presented new Girl of the Year Medallions for Nevada Rainbow.

For Service - 2022

This coveted award is given to girls for their unselfish commitment to serving others. They have performed the most hours of service in Nevada in their age category.
  Braelynn H.
Carson #7
Junior Divison
  Alex A.
Daylite #22
Senior Division

Blue Arrow