Points & Hours

When members join Rainbow, each dedicates herself to a life of Service to her Assembly and community. Members are recognized for devotion to Rainbow and to the community in two ways.

The first method is by rewarding "points" which are given for participation in the Assembly activities. It is the Assistant Mother Advisor's job to keep track of points. Merit Service Bars are awarded for points earned.

The second method is by providing service. Service hours are recognized for gifts of time and effort toward others who may benefit from these gifts. Payment may not be accepted by a member for service provided, either as money or as an exchange of one service for another. For example, babysitting in exchange for someone sewing a dress is not service. Members give of themselves to others who may be less fortunate, or in need of assistance, and in return, the member receives a feeling of good will and appreciation.

Rainbow members are encouraged to provide service each day. It is not difficult to find opportunities of service.  Service is one of the most important lessons our Order teaches.

Service Hours Reporting

As of May 1, 2020 Nevada IORG has a new service hour reporting form. To report your service hours, click on the crown at the top of the web page OR click on the Service Hour Reporting link below. Fill out the form and hit submit. It’s that easy to report your own service hours!!


Service Hours Form image

Merit Point System

Following is a list of activities by which members can earn points:

Attending regular Assembly meetings (each) 5 points
Attending Assembly practices (each) 5 points
Ritualistic performance (per term)  
     Memorization 5 points
     Floor Work 5 points
     Delivery 5 points
Rainbow Sunday Attendance (see note) 10 points
Founder's Day Attendance (see note)  10 points
Visiting other Assemblies  
     In town 10 points
     Out of town, less than 50 miles 20 points
     Out of town, over 50 miles 30 points
Attending all Sessions of Nevada Grand Assembly, Supreme Assembly, or Grand Assembly in another Jurisdiction (points can be pro-rated) 100 points
Substituting for an officer and providing that ritualistic part, by memory 10 points
Donating refreshments for an activity or meeting 10 points
Loyalty and dependability, per term 10 points
Committee Chairperson of Assembly activity 20 points
Committee Member of Assembly activity 10 points
Attending and assisting at fund-raising projects 10 points
Preparation, participation and clean up at Assembly event, per hour 10 points
Recorder, per term 50 points
Treasurer, per term 50 points
Musician, per term 50 points
Church attendance (with proof of attendance) 10 points
Dues paid prior to January 1 10 points
Submitting completed Petition for Membership 25 points
Bringing an Eastern Star, Mason or Majority Member to a meeting 10 points

If an Assembly has a major event which requires a great deal of work, the Chairperson may be given up to 50 points for a job well done; girls working on this project may be awarded additional points as well. These awards are made at the discretion of the Mother Advisor and Assistant Mother Advisor.

After girls earn their Merit Bars, Pot of Gold, and Wreath, they may be awarded additional Service Charms or Pins, by tradition of the Assembly. Typically, each additional Service Award represents an additional 500 points.

NOTE: If unexcused from Rainbow Sunday or Founder's Day celebrations, ten points will be deducted for each unexcused absence. These two events are mandatory for all Rainbow members. Family vacations, for example, are excusable absences, while visiting with girlfriends is not an acceptable reason for not participating in these special occasions. (8/96)Yellow Arrow

Service Hours

  Daylite #22 gives service hours to cleanup Mt. Charleston  
  Daylite Assembly #22 volunteers for
cleanup at Mt. Charleston

When fulfilling family duties and responsibilities, girls are not earning service hours.  Family duties and responsibilities may include babysitting younger siblings, elderly relatives, cousins, helping with household chores, etc. Reward for these efforts is the love and support of our family.

Service hours are submitted to a designated adult in the Assembly; she, in turn, compiles this information and submits it to Grand Assembly for an annual tabulation toward the state-wide goal of service, a by-word of all Rainbow girls.

Each Rainbow girl is responsible for keeping an accurate account of the hours she provides in service to her community and to her Assembly. Some Assemblies do this by placing a note in the "Service Box" at the Worthy Associate Advisor's station prior to the meeting, filling out points and hours forms, or by announcing the number of hours of service provided between meetings and the service itself as part of roll call. Non-Assembly service hours require some form of verification that the service was rendered, such as a note from the person receiving the gift. Rainbow members should follow the specific guidelines in this area from their own Assembly.

Attached is an example listing of some activities which are considered service in the Rainbow tradition, divided into two major classifications: Rainbow/Fraternal and Non-Rainbow. Rainbow girls are encouraged to discuss their particular service efforts with the Mother Advisor if there are questions regarding how to record or verify her efforts.Yellow Arrow

Rainbow/ Fraternal Service

Non-Rainbow Services

For your church  (Church attendance is not considered Service hours; attendance is recognized and rewarded with points toward with Merit Bars.)  

For your community

For your school - Service hours are not awarded for participation in school projects where grades will be given, or when working on special projects for a teacher or coach.

Some form of verification is necessary for all non-Rainbow/Fraternal service hours.

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