Grand Assembly

Grand East for Grand Assembly Sessions 2019Each state or region (called a Jurisdiction) is organized into a Grand Assembly. This Grand Assembly conducts all the required business, establishes its own guidelines for Assembly activities, and establishes special projects or events. Some highlights might include presentation of the funds raised for the Grand Service project (a statewide fund raising project) and the beautiful Rainbow ceremonies.

Each year, an annual, themed Grand Assembly Session where all Assemblies in the state or region come together for formal meetings, fun, and special projects is held. All members of Rainbow may attend these sessions. There are also open sessions that anyone may attend. 

Competitions are often held at Nevada Grand Assembly and provide a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. These include such things as talent shows or skits, scrapbook presentations, hairbow and sash creations. Many awards are presented throughout Grand Assembly sessions for outstanding Rainbow participation, and memory work.

The highlight of any Grand Assembly is the announcement of the new Grand Officers for that jurisdiction, who will serve for the following year.


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