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Our International organization is known as the "Supreme Assembly," which is the ultimate governing body of the organization. The officers of Supreme Assembly are adults and guide any ritual changes, changes to Supreme By-laws, and Constitution, etc. These dedicated individuals make up the House of Gold. This prestigious group of inspirational leaders is directed by the Supreme Worthy Advisor.

Supreme Assembly RoomSupreme Assembly refers to the International Headquarters and the Rainbow Supreme Temple in McAlester, Oklahoma, which has a library of historical documents, special collections of memorabilia and Rainbow treasures from around the world, as well as a Supreme Assembly meeting room. This facility is open on a regular basis, and all members are encouraged to visit. Assembly paraphernalia or supplies can be ordered from the Supreme Temple.

Supreme Assembly also refers to the biennial convention that is held, gathering Rainbow members from every Jurisdiction into one location. When Supreme Assembly is in session, the ritual floor work is done by Grand Worthy Advisors and Past Grand Worthy Advisors from various jurisdictions. The Supreme Assembly Session is similar to Grand Assembly, with more members present, and a wide variety of shared traditions and ideas. All Jurisdictions are encouraged to attend this international convention.

At Supreme Assembly, Rainbow girls from all over the world come bringing souvenirs from their native countries and states to exchange with other members. The real highlight of the sessions is the model exemplification of the Ritual, which is put on by a team of girls composed of Grand Worthy Advisors of the various states. These girls are among the most outstanding girls of the Rainbow world.

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Supreme Officers

Supreme Worthy Advisor

The Supreme Worthy Advisor is the Chief Executive Officer of our Order, making decisions as needed when Supreme Assembly is not in Session. She is often assisted in those duties by the Supreme Executive Board, which is composed of the seven elected officers.  






Mrs. Judy Fortenberry, Supreme Worthy Advisor
Motto: Light the World With Hope and Peace
Symbols: Dove and the world
Colors: Lavender, coral, and turquoise
Flower: Iris and Carnations
Projects: Centennial Proficiency Membership IORG Program


Supreme Inspectors and Supreme Deputies

Each Grand Jurisdiction has a Supreme Inspector or Supreme Deputy as their Chief Executive Officer. Initially, a Supreme Deputy is appointed for the Jurisdiction by the Supreme Worthy Advisor. At such time as a Supreme Deputy is elected to the House of Gold, the title then becomes Supreme Inspector.

2020-2022 Supreme Officers include:

Supreme Worthy Advisor-Judy Fortenberry, Tennessee
Supreme Worthy Assoc. Advisor-Kay Letterman, North Carolina
Supreme Charity – Carolyn York, Arizona
Supreme Hope - Dedra Hart, South Carolina
Supreme Faith - Gale Gould, New York
Supreme Recorder- Mary Adeline Bradford, PSWA, Maryland
Supreme Treasurer - Lynn Shoulders, Indiana
Supreme Chaplain - Betty Garwood, Nebraska
Supreme Drill Leader - Luanne Walton, Canada
Supreme Love - Debby Kier, Colorado
Supreme Religion - Jackie Harmon, Florida
Supreme Nature - Linda Jenkins, Virginia
Supreme Immortality - Gena Kelley, Georgia
Supreme Fidelity - Debora Redmond, Maine
Supreme Patriotism - Kathleen Nase, New Jersey
Supreme Service - Ellen Gigerich, Arkansas
Supreme Confidential Observer - Marilyn Myers, West Virginia
Supreme Outer Observer - Lourdes Orozco Guzman, Bolivia
Supreme Parliamentarian - Susan Rennagel, PSWA Virginia

The Supreme Officers parallel those of a Local Assembly with three exceptions:

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