Nevada Proficiency Program

Girls may complete in order, one, two, three, four, or all five degrees of Proficiency. Levels may be completed at one time, or over the course of time. Once a girl has successfully completed a level, the steps do not need to be repeated in subsequent years.

Mrs. Kristin Cox will oversee the Nevada Proficiency program and the volunteers appointed to assist her.

The written test for First Degree Proficiency will be done during Rainbow Camp, or can be completed locally
through May 1st, in agreement with the Directors of Proficiency. Testing during Rainbow Camp will be administered by designated adults who will score the written test and will listen to all ritualistic work. Prompting, only as established, will be permitted. Those testing will be permitted to review the Ritual for 15 minutes before taking the tests. In the event the test is not passed, Proficiency will be offered again the following year, or in agreement with the Directors of Proficiency.

Adobe LinkProficiency Degree Study Guide    ( pdf 52KB)

Proficiency Degree Requirements   ( pdf 52KB)


Second Degree PROFICIENT


Fourth Degree PROFICIENT (revised by Grand Officers 8/03)


Degree Proficiency – STUDY GUIDE

These questions should be studied prior to taking the Proficiency Test at Rainbow Camp or other designated times. All the answers to these questions are in the Ritual.

  1. Who is the Reverend W. Mark Sexson?
  2. When and where was Rainbow started?
  3. What is the response to all prayers at Rainbow functions?
  4. Who may witness the Degrees meeting in Rainbow?
  5. How many jeweled officers does each assembly have? List them.
  6. Identify each bow station with its color.
  7. During Opening, who vouches for all adults present?
  8. Upon the Worthy Advisor’s instruction, which officers “take up” the “word” from all Rainbow Members?
  9. Why is the Bible placed on the Altar?
  10. Explain the gavel raps.
  11. During Initiation, Faith holds which arm of the candidate?
  12. During Initiation, at what point does the candidate become a “sister” and thereafter referred to as “sister” not “the candidate" or "my friend?"
  13. During Initiation, the Lambskin apron is tied to which hand of the new Sister?
  14. During Initiation, who instructs the new sisters in the Secret Work of our Order?
  15. During Initiation, what is the new sister required to sign?
  16. What song do we sing AFTER the Bible is closed?
  17. During Installation, Grand Honors may be given. What two signs are never given during Installation?
  18. What is the jewel of the Worthy Advisor and what does it represent?
  19. When is the Mother Advisor given Grand Honors?
  20. When visiting a Assembly (or attending Grand Assembly), what should each girl have with her?
  21. During balloting, explain how the Outer Observer enters the room to participate.
  22. During balloting, how many black balls or cubes must be in the ballot box before a reballot is necessary?
  23. During Initiation, the Mother Advisor instructs the new members to open their Bible each night. What book and chapter is it to be opened to?
  24. During Initiation, when is “Nearer My God to Thee” sung?


When all Bonus Questions are correctly answered, they may forgive an incorrect answer above, thus raising one’s score.

Flag Tributes

Christian Flag

Christian FlagOnce again, as we present this Christian Flag, let us dedicate ourselves to the task of growing in the understanding of the Eternal Kingdom for which it stands. As we place this flag in a place of prominence in our Assembly Room, let us also remember to keep the Cross of Christ in a prominent place in our hearts.


Nevada Flag

Nevada Battle BornWe salute thee, Flag of Nevada, silver star on a field of blue.
Sprays of sage from Nevada's desert, and gold from her mountains, too.
Our battle born flag of Nevada, we shall call you an emblem of peace,
Spanned by our Rainbow of Promise, may you help effect war's release.
We salute thee, Flag of Nevada, in our hearts a fervent prayer
That war shall be banished forever and peace the whole world may share.

Rainbow Flag
Written by LeAnn and Lisa Cox, Reno #1 (Adopted 6/1999)

IORG FlagOur Rainbow Flag is a symbol of all that we hold true;
A reminder of the lessons taught from each and every hue.
Red is for undying Love, and orange builds Faith that is strong.
Yellow give us Nature, and green, the promise that to God we belong.
Blue is truth and loyalty, and in indigo a patriot’s heart.
Violet, the life of Service that we promise to impart.
The hand of Faith; the light of Hope; the gift of Charity.
The contents of the Pot of Gold, Rainbow gives to you and me.
In a field pure and white, on a banner for all to see;
Our Rainbow emblem shines so bright, it will always be precious to me.

Rainbow Prayer and Rainbow Dreams

We Pray To You (Rainbow Prayer)
   Written by Lynn Servaes, Grand Service, April 1984

We pray to you, our gracious Father,
To be your true and loving daughters,
To live our lives happy and free,
To be the ones you wish us to be,
To give our lives to active Service,
And fulfill our dreams so deserve-ith.
Bless our Rainbow with its many hues,
The ones we love so very true.
And, when all has been said and done,
We pray you bless us, each and every one.

Rainbow Dreams

My Rainbow Dreams are calling me,
And leading me away.
They have a magic spell that thrills,
And holds me day by day.
I wonder if I'll find you there
Some time, some happy day...
When all my Rainbow Dreams come true,
Before they fade away.

2012 Grand Officer Visors

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