Nevada Supreme Deputy

Mrs. Heidi Haartz

May 1981
Dear Diary: Happy 12th Birthday to me! I think my mom is more excited about my birthday than I am. Today, she gave me a form to fill out, she called it a “petition”, for the Rainbow Girls. Apparently, it is this great organization she belonged to when she was 12. Not happy, but when mom says, “You should do this”, I know she really means “do it”. Petition signed and now we wait…

November 1981
Dear Diary: Well, after 6 months, I am finally going to be initiated into this Rainbow group. It must be a big deal. My mom made me fancy long dress and Papa Roy is coming down from Reno for dinner and initiation.

Just home from initiation. How was it? Weird. I feel like I have been in that room before, but I haven’t. Some of the girls knew their parts from memory, but others read from little green books. I may not know exactly what is supposed to be going on, but I don’t think reading those parts from the books was right.

I’ve been a Rainbow Girl for almost 24 hours and my mom is already on the phone with Auntie trying to figure out some obligation thing. It sounds like something I had to repeat last night. Seriously, can’t we put this on hold - for another 6 months?!?

Mrs. Heidi Haartz- Nevada Supreme Deputy

January 1982
Dear Diary: I had a Rainbow meeting tonight, but we couldn’t actually “meet” because we did not have a “quorum” of 7 girls present. I wonder where all the girls went? There were a lot more than 7 at our initiation.

If these girls aren’t coming back, I wonder how we get more girls to join? I mean, my mom is going to make me participate and memorize my part, so we may as well have enough girls to have an actual meeting. I guess I will start asking girls at school and church if they are interested in becoming a Rainbow Girl. All of them – popular, not popular, even my friends. Maybe some of them will say yes and we won’t have to have to worry about not having a “quorum”.

September 1984
Dear Diary: I am going to be installed at Worthy Advisor today. I am excited; I have been planning for today and for the next term for 16 months. My mom just gave me the best gift ever! She forgave the last $25 of my debt for the Installation; I have paid for 50% of everything – decorations, carrying pieces, programs – everything but that last $25. And, this Installation is going to awesome! Today we will be installing one of our Grand Officers as Choir Director because we have a choir! And none of our members are serving in two offices. This is so not the same assembly I was initiated into 3 years ago. I am so excited for this opportunity!!

Fast forward to 2018…
I have been involved with Nevada Rainbow for more than 35 years. Where has the time gone? What would I have done if I had not had Rainbow in my life – for my life? I know I would not be the person I am today – I would not have the same friends, the same ability to speak publicly and think on my feet, or the same job opportunities. So much of what I learned as a Rainbow Girl has contributed to my success as an adult.

After all these years, I find myself facing my greatest Rainbow challenge - and opportunity – figuring out what can be done to ensure this generation of Rainbow Girls has the same incredible opportunities and experiences that I had when I was a member. How can we continue to fulfill the vision of our Founder by keeping Rainbow a progressive youth movement and our mission of getting girls ready for life?

I believe we can continue to keep Reverend Sexson’s vision alive - ensuring Rainbow continues to be a progressive youth movement - by asking our members what they would like to “update” and how. This type of insight can be gained by asking for input from our Jr. Grand Executive Committee members, which includes WA, PWA, and Grand Officers representing each assembly, and by conducting focus groups with larger groups of members. Our members have great ideas! We need to give them an opportunity to share those ideas and identify ways to implement them and see what happens.

What if something doesn’t work? Its ok. We will figure out why it didn’t work and try to fix it, or we can try something new. We often learn more from failure than we do from success ~

Another challenge to keeping Rainbow progressive is to promote what we are working on with our Majority members and Alumni, especially those who may not be able to join us as often as they would like. Through our Adult Newsletter and live streaming Grand Assembly Sessions, we want to share what we are exploring and why, with the hope these adults may encourage their own daughters and granddaughters or other young women to join Nevada Rainbow and that they, themselves, may wish to join us at an upcoming event to experience our evolution first hand.

As Shawn Doyle reminded us during our Mystic Banquet (2017), “Ladies, this is not your mothers’ Rainbow. It may not event be our Rainbow…”

Indeed. Rainbow belongs to this generation. Please join me in making sure our members continue to fun, while making Rainbow innovative and progressive.

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IORG History:

  • Initiated into Carson #7: November 1981
  • Installed as Worthy Advisor: September 1984 – January 1985
  • Grand Offices:
    Grand Rep of WA/ID: 1985-1986
    Grand American Flag Bearer: 1986-1987
    Grand Fidelity: 1987-1988
    Grand Faith: 1988-1989
  • Mother Advisor, Carson #7: 1996
  • Advisory Board member: Carson #7 and Ben Franklin #21
  • Director of Grand Officers: 2002-2003
  • Supreme Deputy: 2015-

OES History

  • Initiated into Argenta Chapter #7, OES: October 1991
  • Worthy Matron: 1994-1995, 1989-1999, 2002-2003, 2006-2007

Personal History

  • BS Health Education, UNR 1993
  • State Health Division 1994 – 2008 (Education and Information Officer, Child and Adolescent Health Coordinator, Management Analyst, Public Health and Hospital Preparedness Program Manager)
  • Mom of Megan (1996) and Dylan (1998)
  • MBA, Morrison University 2005
  • State Legislature 2008-2014 (Budgetary Program Analyst)
  • Nevada System of Higher Education 2014-present (Sr. Budget Analyst, Assistant Budget Director)



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