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Worthy Advisor Skaya, Installed September 29nd, 2018.
160th Term of Boulder Assembly #8

  Biulder City Hospital Logo Worthy Advisor Skaya Adventure Time  

Theme: Adventure Time
Flower: Orchid
Mascot: Jake the Dog
Colors: Spring Colors
Motto: “You don’t need a mirror to know you look good.
You’re beautiful on the inside.” – Finn
Service Project: Boulder City Hospital Long Term Care

Boulder Assembly #8 as of September 2018

BC#8 September, 2018

  Worthy Advisor Skaya Mascot- Jake the Dog
  Worthy Associate Advisor Deziree’
  Charity Pro-Tem Cydney
  Hope Pro-Tem Samantha
  Faith Valerie
  Recorder Pro-Tem Sarah
  Chaplain Lily
  Drill Leader Kethry
Arianna Rainbow Emblem
  Religion Kylea
  Service Ginger
  Confidential Observer
  Outer Observer Cheyenne Adventure Time 2
  Choir Director  
  American Flag Ginger
  Christian Flag  
  Nevada Flag   
  Rainbow Flag  
  Member Alyssa, Sophia, Kimberly
  Mother Advisor Mrs. Kim Boggs
  Assistant Mother Advisor Ms. Gina Garcia
  Grand Deputy Mrs. Patricia Collins
  Rainbow Dad Pro Tem Mr. James Ebbert
  Board Members Mr. Ebbert, Mr. Crosby, Mrs. Boggs, Ms. Garcia, Mrs. York, Mr. Boggs, Ms. Mendenhall, Mrs. Witti, Mrs. Arasmith, Mrs. Chavez

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Grand Fidelity, Grand Rep. of OK & RI – Samantha
Grand Service, Grand Rep. of CO & KS – Cydney
Grand American Flag Bearer, Grand Rep. of PA & TN – Deziree’



Personal Page to Grand Charity - Valerie
Personal Page to Grand Faith - Kethry
Assembly Girl of the Term – Kethry

Boulder Assembly meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
at the Boulder Masonic Temple in Boulder City, NV.

Boulder Assembly #8 sponsors Margaret Kofoed Pledge Assembly #4.

Please contact Mrs. Collins or Mrs. Boggs for more information or with any questions.

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