Mrs. Joanie Jacka - Past Supreme Worthy Advisor


Mrs. Joanie Jacka-Supreme Charity 2014-2016 My Rainbow journey has been such a wonderful experience – one I would hope each of you have the opportunity to enjoy.  At the age of 12, when my parents said, “you will join,” I had no idea of the life skills I would learn, the friendships I would make, and the awesome experiences that would be presented to me.  For each of these and so much more, I am eternally grateful.

Rainbow, its principle and values, are the foundation of my life.  The most successful decisions I have made have been founded in one way or another in the lessons of our Bow Stations, in Faith in our Heavenly Father, with Hope for a better and brighter future, and done through Charity in thought and deed towards those around me.

I have been honored to serve my Assembly as a girl and an adult, my state as a the Supreme Officer, and I am looking forward to the continuing honor as I progress through the Supreme Line.  I am humbled to be following in the footsteps of the great leaders we have had in our Order.

Our Order has transformed much since our Institution by our Founder, the Reverend W. Mark Sexson.  We have lowered the age of Initiation, added Pledge Groups, become more electronic – to keep up with our members, and are providing more service within our communities world-wide than ever before.  We have expanded into international jurisdictions, and are always looking at ways to grow Rainbow within each of our jurisdictions so that every young girl can enjoy the benefits of membership and the fraternal bond we all enjoy.

Yet there is much to do!  Much of what we have to do in order to expand our Order, offering more to our members, has yet to be identified.  I look forward to this exploration and hope that you will join me!


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