Famous Former Rainbow Girls

Rainbow helps prepare today's young women to be tomorrow's leaders. Many of the members of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls have gone on to become successful leaders in all fields of employment, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, judges, actresses, nurses, and engineers, to name just a few.

Once a Rainbow Girl, Always a Rainbow Girl

Sandra Day O'Connor  Former Supreme Court Justice
Ermalee Hickel   Wife of Governor Walter Hicke (Alaska)
Renee Guerin   Broadway Performer; Head of the Voice and Speech Department of the  American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC (Alaska)
Patricia Barry   TV and movie Actress (Days of our Lives) (California)
Lee Merriwether   Former Miss America, Actress (California)
Dorthy Lamb   First Lady of Colorado (California)
Jill Kinmont   Olympic skier who was paralyzed in a skiing accident. After her accident she became an inspirational speaker, wrote a book that is used by many schools, started her own foundation, the Jill Kinmont Indian Education Foundation. (California)
Dorothy M. Metcalf-Lindenburger   Astronaut (Colorado)
Heather Stanton Moretzsohn   Liaison Officer for US (Hawaii)
Jo Ann Kinzler Krug   Sheriff, San Bernadino CA (Hawaii)
Cheryl Lau   Attorney General; Secretary of State, Nevada (Hawaii)
Karen Lau Sullivan   US Commissioner to the South Pacific Islands (Hawaii)
Sue Anne Gilroy   Secretary of State, IN (Indiana)
Donna Mullenger (Reed)   TV Actress (Iowa)
Virginia Lines   Miss Iowa 1951 (Iowa)
Jeanne Formanek   Miss Iowa 1967 (Iowa)
Rebecca Ann King   Miss America, 1973 (Iowa)
Olympia J. Snowe   US Senator (Maine)
Tammie Ferguson   Special Olympian Inspirational Athlete of the Year; Lit the Torch at the 1998 Special Olympics and featured on Special Olympic Wheaties Box (Michigan)
Judith Craig   Bishop for Western Ohio area, United Methodist Church (Missouri)
Carol Hudkins   State Senator (Nebraska)
Evelyn de la Rosa   Internationally renowned soprano (Nevada)
Patricia Christo Coffey   Superior Court Judge (New Hampshire)
Sara E. Otis   State Senator, founder of Concord Assembly No. 1, 1925 (New Hampshire)
Virginia White   Personal Assistant to US Senator Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico)
Angelina Estrada Burney   Broadcaster at KTVA, Anchorage, AK (New Mexico)
Shirley Crawford Sonnamaker   Co-anchor at KBIM TV (New Mexico)
Rebecca Schmidt   Attached to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Ohio)
Jane Jayroe   Journalist and anchor of local newscasts in Oklahoma City and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Former Miss Oklahoma and Miss America 1967 (Oklahoma)
Bobbie Shunk Gaunt   First Woman President, CEO- Ford Motor Co. of Canada (Pennsylvania)
Debra Port   Actress (Melrose Place, Exorcist III..), model, spokesperson (Ford, Mercury, Chrysler, AAA, General Motors, K-Mart, Yellow Pages, Sears, Century Baby Car Seats) (Pennsylvania)
Ret. Maj. Gen. Lorraine Potter   Highest ranking female Chaplain in the military. Nominated for the rank of General. (Rhode Island)
Ruth Buzzi   Actress (Laugh-in, Sesame Street) (Rhode Island)
Frances Haddon Morgan   Washington State Senator (Washington/Idaho)
Janell Berte   Successful businesswoman at age 20 and bridal gown designer http://www.berte.com/flash2004/berte2004.html (Pennsylvania)
Lily Tomlin   Comedian (Roberta- Desperate Housewives, Edith Ann- Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Violet in 9 to 5). Born Mary Jean Tomlin in Detroit, Michigan.
Dawn Wells   Played Mary Ann in Gilligan's Island. Crowned Miss Nevada in 1959 (Nevada).
Shawntel Smith   Former Miss America 1996 (Oklahoma).

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