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What is a Rainbow Pledge Program?

It is a service and social organization for girls ages 8 to 11 who pledge themselves to a life of love and service.

Several activities during the year will be held with the local Rainbow Girls with the hope that, on her eleventh birthday, a Rainbow Pledge will decide to continue her service activities by becoming a Rainbow Girl. She may have the opportunity to participate in an open meeting, a shadow night or other Rainbow activities to have her experience some of the things she will do as a Rainbow girl.

How does a girl become a member?

Any girl between the ages of 8 and 11 may become a Pledge to the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.

What will each girl gain from this program?

Orange Pledge FlowerThe Pledge Program can open the door to experiences and friendships that will stay with young girls throughout their lives.

The Rainbow Pledge Program allows girls to be of service to others, which will bring the girls a genuine feeling of accomplishment, and they will discover the meaning of true happiness by helping others.

The Rainbow Pledge Program is designed to be a confidence builder. A Rainbow Pledge member will learn how to accept responsibility and how to be both an effective leader and a dependable follower. She will have the opportunity learn how to speak effectively and to listen carefully.

When and where do the Pledges meet?

Most Pledge Groups meet twice a month in the Rainbow Assembly room, at a date and time set by the Assembly Advisory Board.

Who may attend Pledge meetings?

The meetings are open to the Pledge members' family and invited guests. There are no restrictions due to fraternal affiliation. Prospective members and their parents are welcome to come and observe.

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What do they do at a Business Meeting?

Yellow Pledge FlowerThey have a very short opening ceremony, read minutes, report on activities, initiate new members, and share special ceremonies. They have a short closing ceremony and minimal floor work. A regular meeting without initiation is about 20 minutes. Then they usually adjourn for crafts and refreshments.

What activities are involved in addition to meetings?

Every group should have at least one service project per term. Most service projects involve service hours and are not fund-raisers. Because the Pledges are future Rainbow Girls, at least one fun activity per term should be planned with the Rainbow Girls. It is also important that the girls have at least two fun activities during their term of office.

Is it a Religion?

No! The Rainbow Pledge program, however, does require the belief in the existence of a Supreme Being and encourages each Pledge to attend the place of worship of her choice.

Is it expensive?

The Rainbow Pledge Program has no membership fees or dues. However, we may occasionally ask parents for assistance with an activity, to act as a chaperone, or to provide transportation or refreshments.

Is there a dress code?

Yes.  Very simple.  Members wear a dress or skirt and blouse of any color to the meetings, but may wear casual clothes for service projects or fun events. Adult leaders and female guests who assist are asked to wear dresses or skirts also. They are encouraged to wear dress shoes with socks, tights or hose. Pledges do NOT wear long formals.

Who is in charge of the local Pledge Group?

Indigo Pledge FlowerThe Rainbow Pledge program is sponsored by the local Rainbow Assembly, whose Advisory Board appoints a Pledge Mother and Assistant Pledge Mother. The Pledge Mother and Assistant Pledge Mother are responsible for the operation of the Pledge Group and report directly to the State Pledge Director and the Supreme Inspector in Nevada. It is important for the Pledge Mother to keep the Rainbow Advisory Board or Mother Advisor informed of the Pledge activities, and therefore, is a member of the Assembly's Advisory Board. She will coordinate joint activities between the Rainbow Girls and Pledges with the Mother Advisor.

How many girls does it take to start?

It only takes two girls to start a Pledge Club and eight girls to institute a Pledge Group.

How does an Assembly become a sponsor?

The Assembly votes to sponsor a Pledge Group and then sends a completed "Sponsorship Application" (available from the State Pledge Director) to the Supreme Inspector for approval. Upon approval, the Supreme Inspector will forward the application to the State Pledge Director, who will notify the Assembly. The Assembly may then proceed with the formation of the Pledge Group.

When does a Pledge Group Institute?

To institute a Pledge Group, eight girls are required. An institution consists of Initiation, followed by Installation. Rainbow Girls may do the Institution or another Pledge Group may be invited to perform the ceremonies.

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