Pledge Merit System

NV Pledge Merit Program Tags

Rainbow Blossom Lesson Community Service Tags Growing in Pladge Tags
-Collect items to donate to an animal shelter

-Collect items to donate to a food pantry
-Help at your Pledge Group’s Installation: hand out programs, help guests find seats, help clean up paraphernalia afterward

-Attend Statewide event/Rainbow Camp
Caring -Volunteer at a nursing home/assisted living home

-Make holiday favors for a nursing home/assisted living home/meals on wheels
-Help with kitchen duty for your Pledge Group: set up refreshments; assist with clean-up afterward

-Organize a craft for your Pledge sisters
Nature - Participate in a community clean-up at a park or other public place

- Participate in outdoor community activity
- Attend a Founder’s Day event or Assembly picnic/BBQ

- Help your Masonic family with an outdoor or “Green” service project such as planting flowers at the lodge or in the community
Circle of Life
- Donate used books to a library or other organization

- Participate in, or organize, a recycling program/event (at your school, at family events, etc.)
- Organize and plan a Pledge meeting or fun trip for your Pledge group

- Attend your Assembly’s Open Meeting or Masonic Family Installation
Trust and Honesty
- Raise money for a local non-profit (SPCA, fire department, etc.)

- Participate in volunteer work supporting people in your age group (Make-a-Wish volunteering, helping at a toy drive, supporting children’s hospitals, etc.)
- Bring a friend/prospective member to a Pledge event

- Participate in an activity to promote Rainbow/Pledge Group
Patriotic - Support the armed services by writing letters, collecting items to send overseas

- Support your local first responders by making thank-you cards, cookies, etc.
- March in a parade with your Assembly

- Participate in a patriotic program such as flag or wreath laying at cemeteries
- Volunteer to help at a charity or service event at your school or church

- Assist an elderly or disabled neighbor with projects they need help with around the house
- Help serve at a Masonic Family dinner or event

- Attend an Assembly charity event or assist with a ‘thon’
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To receive a Community Service Tag or a Growing in Pledge Tag, a Pledge member must complete one item from the tag’s respective column, or a similar activity not listed, at the discretion of the Pledge Mom (or another advisor who is not that Pledge member’s parent).

The Tags do NOT need to be earned in the order presented here.

A Pledge member may earn multiple Community Service and Growing in Pledge Tags from each Rainbow Blossom Lesson.

A NV Pledge Tag is “earned” by a Pledge member upon their initiation. A necklace to hold the Tags will be given to the Pledge member upon their initiation.

A Membership Tag is “earned” every time a Pledge member brings in a new Pledge member.

To earn a NV Rainbow Girls Tag, the Pledge member must have earned at least one Tag from each of the Community Service Tag and Growing in Pledge Tag columns of every Rainbow Blossom Lesson. The Pledge member then answers the following discussion/questions with the Pledge Mom:

-What was the biggest challenge you faced in earning your Merit Tags?
-What was your favorite activity you completed to earn your Merit Tag?
-How did you overcome it?
-Which Rainbow Blossom Lesson means the most to you and why?

The IORG tag is “earned” upon the Pledge member’s Initiation into the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG).


red flowerFor information about Pledge Groups please contact:

Director of Pledge
Ms. Gennie Hudson
cell: 775-720-5521
  Director of Membership
Mrs. Julie DeJan
Cell: 775-434-5821


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