Daylite #22

Worthy Advisor Mandee Tocco, Installed January 27th, 2018.
142nd Term of Daylite Assembly #22

    Mandee Worthy Advisor 012718    

Theme: Harry Potter
Flower: Mandrake
Mascot: Hedwig, Crookshanks, and Scabbers
Colors: Scarlet, Yellow, Emerald, and Blue
Fun Trip: Red Rock Canyon Camping Trip
Service Project: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Motto: " It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be"
     ---Albus Dumbledore


Daylite #22 as of January 2018

Daylite #22

  Worthy Advisor Mandee mandrake
  Worthy Associate Advisor Margaret
  Charity Drea
  Hope Lexie W.
  Faith Iris
  Recorder Laycee
  Treasurer Carolyn
  Chaplain Megan
  Drill Leader AJ
  Religion Zoe
  Nature Brittani
  Immortality Carolyn  
  Fidelity Alexis  
  Patriotism Jade  
  Service Scarlett Hedwig
  Confidential Observer
  Outer Observer  
  Musician Isella
  Choir Director  
  American Flag Faith
  Christian Flag Zoe
  Nevada Flag Laycee 
  Rainbow Flag Holly
  Member Angel, Derika, Hailey, Heaven, Isabella, Isabelle, Kasey, Kiara, Lexie L., Selena, Shanly, Sydney, Taylor
  Mother Advisor Ms. Shannon Lawton
  Assistant Mother Advisor Mrs. Kellie Tocco
  Grand Deputy Mrs. Stacy Bolshazy
  Rainbow Dad Mr. John Tocco
  Board Members Jamie Schopp, Melanie Binam-Long, Chris Lawton, Joelle Snook, Alyssa Ball, JenniferSnook, Shane Venable, Randi Morrison,

Daylite #22 Mascot- Eeyore


Grand Hope- Kasey S.
Grand Chaplain, Grand Rep. of CA & HI- Laycee T.
Grand Honorary Drill Leader, Grand Lecturer, & Grand Rep. of TX- Brittani S.
Grand Patriotism, Grand Rep. of OH & OK- Carolyn C.
Grand Service, Grand Rep. of AK & IL- Zoe I-S.
Grand Musician, Grand Rep. of GA & ME- Isella E.
Grand Rep. of MA & PA- Holly L.
Grand Rep. of NC & TN- Margaret W.

Daylite Assembly meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
at the Masonic Memorial Temple, 2200 W. Mesquite Lane, Las Vegas.

Daylite Assembly #22 sponsors Aunt Polly Norton Pledge Assembly #3.

Please contact Ms. Lawton or Mrs. Tocco for more information or with any questions.

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