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Grand Historian Brittani has a competition for you!

I’m so excited to announce that the assembly who submits the most pictures for the grand assembly slideshow will receive front row seating at grand assembly during the slideshow.

Secondly the girl who submits the most pictures will receive a medallion to wear for the following year!

All pictures can be submitted by: sending them to Dad Bolshazy at info@rmpnv.com. You can also text them to him at 702-328-9729. Deadline for submissions is May 30, 2017.

Grand Assembly 2017 Ways & Means

Ways & Means needs your empties! We are collecting empty "Standard Size" Altoids tins and Ice Breaker Mints containers. Please save your empties and give them to Mrs. DeJan from Reno #1.

Questions? Email Julie.dejan@icloud.com Thank you for your help!

                       Ice Breaker Tin    Altoids Tin


Pounds for Patriots

Please join us in our efforts to continue to raise funds for our statewide service project, Honor Flight of Nevada!

Each last year Grand Officer has a bucket, which she will be taking with her to all Rainbow events from now until Grand Assembly, to collect funds for Honor Flight of Nevada. Assemblies without a last year Grand Officer will also be collecting funds, which they will share with the last year Grand Officer—or Officers - of their choice.

Each bucket will be weighed (and funds collected) at the Grand Worthy Advisor’s Reception on May 7th, upon arrival at Nevada Grand Assembly on June 16th, and following Sunday evening’s session of Nevada Grand Assembly on June 19th.

Buckets may be filled with change, cash or checks. For each $10 collected in cash or checks, 1 pound will be credited toward the weight of the bucket.

Donations can also be submitted to:
Nevada Grand Assembly
c/o Mrs. Heidi Haartz, Supreme Deputy, 1
1195 Messina Way, Reno, NV 89521.

Let’s see how many pounds (and dollars) we can earn to assist Honor Flight of Nevada in their efforts to take military veterans to Washington DC to see the memorials that have been built in recognition of their service to a grateful nation!   Printable Flyer

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Save the Shoes Fundraiser- March 11, 2017 - May 11, 2017

Nevada Rainbow is partnering with Funds2Orgs and the Fundraising Committee is hoping to raise a few thousand - YES! THOUSAND – dollars!

Save the Shoes Fundraiser

The drive will run for 60 days. The official kick off will be the weekend of Rainbow Camp. We will have two regions (north and south) that will each have a goal of filling 100 bags with 25 pairs of shoes. In return, Nevada Rainbow will be make $0.40 lb. If we don't meet the goal of filling 100 bags with 25 pairs of shoes each, $250 will be deducted from our profit for each region, to cover shipping costs of return of the shoes to Funds2orgs. Allicia Tomolo will be the point of contact for this event in the south and Emily Hong will be the point of contact for this event in the north.

Funds2Orgs will provide us with 100 bags as well as rubber bands for each pair of shoes. They have very specific ways that the shoes need to be bundled as well as a standard of wear for shoes donated. Please see the links below for some instructional information on these points. During the 60 day period Emily and Allicia will be the person to contact if your shoe donations are overwhelming and/or need to be picked up so that you have room to collect MORE shoes! Emily and Allicia will oversee to ensure the shoes are bundled correctly, that each bag is filled with exactly 100 pairs and that each pair meet the organizations "wear" standards BUT it would be most helpful and appreciated if you would be able to do this (or designate a person from your assembly to do this) BEFORE the shoes are gathered.

To meet the quota for this fundraiser we will really need to think outside the box. Here are some suggestions:

(1) Each assembly will be provided with a large box that it can put up/display in the lodge or someplace of its choice that is more "visible" to a large group…to take the collection of shoes outside of the members and families of NV Rainbow. Ask your friends to set up a box in their office's break room (with permission of management, of course). The more boxes that are out there, the better! Each assembly is welcome to place MORE than one box in a visible place for donations!
(2) Thrift or garage sale "shopping" for used shoes to donate. If you are out "thrifting" and happen to see a pair that is very cheap...pick them up and donate them!
(3) Hold a "shoe drive" meeting or contest within your assembly to see which girl can bring in the most pairs of shoes.
(4) Visit local lodges or chapters to ask that they set up a box or collect shoes to contribute for the drive.

Please keep in mind that Funds2Orgs accept all shoes (men, women, child, athletic/cleats & dress). They have a FAQ section on their website that may be helpful in this process: https://funds2orgs.com/faq/

Funds2Orgs is a well known entity that does good work with the shoes that are donated. Se below for some literature that explains what they do (people will ask...) We would encourage you to post this information on any boxes that are set up and use the Funds2Orgs name when possible, stressing that we are partnering with them in this endeavor. It is important for people to see the philanthropy of this drive as much as it is to raise money from it. This is a great opportunity for our order because this fundraiser is a zero cost to us....and has the potential to earn some great money to support Chaslynn and Caitlin in their efforts this year!

If you have ANY questions...please contact Alicia Tomolo! Feel free to visit the organization’s website at www.funds2orgs.com.



Announcement Shoe Drive

Shoe Drive Door Hanger

Shoe Drive Mini Flyer


Supreme Assembly Fund Raisers

Virginia Grand Assembly is sponsoring a fund raising project to benefit the HVAC project at the Supreme Temple
This beautiful coin is being produced by a very generous Virginia Rainbow Supporter.

Supreme Assembly Coin     Supreme Assembly Coin-2

Order Form:      PDF  pdf      Word word 

The Supreme Temple Committee is sponsoring a fund raising project where all proceeds will benefit the Supreme Temple Fund. As our historic building ages, retrofitting continues! This beautiful 48” wooden-handle umbrella is available now for $20!

Supreme Assembly Umbrella

Order Form:      PDF  pdf      Word word

Washington-Idaho Grand Assembly

The Grand Sessions of Washington Idaho Rainbow Girls will be July 14 – 16, 2017 in Yakima, Washington in the Sundome. We will fly into Yakima, Washington on Thursday late evening where we will stay for 4 nights – Thursday thru Monday. Also, as has become customary with Nevada travel, money will be collected in advance for all meals, so all you will need to bring is your own souvenir spending money.

The costs for Washington Idaho Grand Assembly are:
• Airfare – book on your own via Alaska Airlines – current cost on the internet is $384.70 from Reno to Yakima and $375.70 from Las Vegas to Yakima
• Registration Package – includes registration, 4 nights and 5 meals at the Sundome: Friday (1) dinner, Saturday (2) – lunch and dinner, Sunday (2) lunch and dinner. Breakfast is provided at the Hotel each morning - $247.50 per person @ 4/room, $280 per person @ 3/room, $320 per person @ 2/room and $465 for 1/room.
• Rental Car/Transportation while in Yakima - $60 depending on how many people travel
• Grand Cross Breakfast and Ceremony - $15.00 – Saturday July 15th
• Housekeeping tips - $4.00
• Additional meals – Friday lunch / Sunday late meal / Monday lunch / Snacks = $60.00

If you are attending, please complete the section below and return to me no later than May 7, 2017.

Kim Butler – Director of Grand Officers
3247 Barbara Circle
Reno, NV 89503

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (775) 747-7124 or email at k.r.butler@sbcglobal.net.

word word General Information and Costs
word word Itinerary
word word Packing List

UpdatesLogo Wear NEW SIZES and COLORS now available!

Check out the Nevada logo wear now available to order. Our GEC Grand Officers have made most of the new selections for Logo Wear.

Navy Blue Sweatpants are now available to order!!


New styles:

Baseball Jersey DT228 V Neck T-Shirt DT6501 Men's Polo K520 LAdies Polo
nickellightpink turquoisetrue pink blackroyal RedTeal Green
Raglan Sleeve Tee Juniors V-Neck Tee Men's Interlock Polo Ladies Silk Touch Polo


$21- $23 $22-$24
Ladies Denim Shirt Men's Denim Shirt Ladies Cardigan Jacket
Ladies Denim Shirt Denim Shirt Ladies Cardigan
White Now available

Sport-Tek Wind Jacket
XS Now Available

$25-$27 $25-$27 $25-$27 $35-38

Order Form:      PDF  pdf      Word word

These items can now be ordered at our online shop. Credit Card purchases are available, but note that a small courtesy fee will be charged to your card.

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Flat Grandie Fundraiser2017 Flat Grandie Fund Raising Group picture

Grand Hope and Grand Charity have chosen a fundraising project for the 2017 Grand year called the Flat Grandie (similar to the popular Flat Stanley project)!  This project involves a Flat Grandie being sent on a whirlwind adventure all over the country to see which Flat Grandie will travel the most miles before Nevada Grand Assembly 2017, all while raising funds to assist Grand Hope and Grand Charity reach their fundraising goals! Each last year Grand Officer was given the opportunity to create a "flat" version of themselves to participate!

If the Flat Grandie is sent to your house, there is a suggested donation of $20 to assist the Flat Grandie with her "traveling expenses".  Next, you should send the Flat Grandie on her way to the next destination of your choosing (by mail or hand delivery) BUT not before snapping a few pics to share with the Rainbow Girls back home in NV and logging their next destination in the Flat Grandie travel log that accompanies the Flat Grandie on her travels! 

Use #NVFlatGrandie and #NVGrand17 if posting your pictures to social media.  Search NVRAINBOWGIRLS on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to share directly with NV Rainbow! Please email NVIORGFUNDRAISING@gmail.com with any questions!

You may make your donation here: https://squareup.com/store/joanie-jacka.

Flat Grandie Postcard


Carson Assembly #7 Fund Raising Project

Save your seat! The Assembly is selling chair back covers. Chair back covers are $10 each and are available in Rainbow colors or Masonic Blue (slightly darker than indigo). Each chair back cover comes embroidered with a name and two pockets, one designed to hold a program and one designed to hold a water bottle. Side straps allow the chair back cover to be tied to a chair - or around bench or bleacher seating. Add the Rainbow, Eastern Star, and Masonic emblems for $5 each.

Please make checks payable to: Carson Assembly #7, IORG

Thank you for your support!

Carson #7 Chairback Order Form  pdf (PDF 144KB)

Chair Back Chair Back Colors
Color Choices
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Luggage tagsLuggage Tags

Travel in style! You may need one in every color! These gorgeous and useful luggage tags were hand crafted and donated by Mrs. JJ Gordon, PMA, Carson Assembly #7.

Tags are $5 each and come in our favorite colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The tags can be purchased from Mrs. Jacka in person or by using the form below.

All proceeds from the sale of these tags will help support Supreme Assembly 2020 in Reno, Nevada.

Order Form:  pdf PDF 94KB

Swarovski Crystal "Bling Watch"Order Your Bling Watch Today!!!

Help support Nevada Rainbow by ordering your Swarovski Crystal "bling watch". These beautiful watches are available through pre-orders ONLY.

The Swarovski Crystals are individually hand set in each watch. Crystals are available in both Rainbow or OES colors. They are only $50.00 each, and the price includes shipping. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery!

Funds raised through the sale of these watches (and other specific items/events in the future) will be our start-up money in our effort to host Supreme Assembly 2020 in Reno.

Additionally, if you are interested in being on the steering committee now, which will meet by email for a while, please email the Supreme Charity to be added to that grouping. Many people, many ideas, lots of work is before us!

Order Forms:  pdf PDF 94KB       word Word  62KB



In support of Breast Cancer Awareness- our "Bling Warches" now come in 3 colors of pink!

$5 from the sale of EACH of these watches will directly benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Order Forms:   pdf PDF 124KB      word Word  99KB

Make checks payable to:

Nevada Grand Assembly, IORG
c/o Joanie Jacka
Supreme Charity
14660 South Quiet Meadow Drive
Reno, Nevada 89511-6674.

For more information, please contact Joanie at Home: (775) 853-2288   FAX: (775) 853-6336 Cell: (775) 343-8240 or Email: joaniejacka@gmail.com

To submit information, please contact the Nevada Webmaster.silver arrow