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Supreme Assembly Century Campaign

Supreme Assembly needs our assistance!

Supreme Temple located in McAlester, OklahomaFor the past several years, we have been warned that the HVAC at the Supreme Temple would require replacement. That time has come. The members of the Supreme Family have been informed that it is no longer possible to repair the HVAC, which was originally installed in the 1950’s, because parts are no longer available. Additionally, the existing system is failing. Earlier this month, the staff reported that the temperature inside the building during working hours averaged 84 degrees; the heat combined with the humidity is threatening to destroy many historical records and treasures.

Supreme Assembly has launched its “Century Campaign” to raise funds to restore the health of the Supreme Temple in conjunction with our Centennial Celebration in 2022. The Campaign establishes fund raising goals for three phases: Phase I is to raise $390,000 by 2018 to replace the HVAC; Phase II is to
raise $110,000 by 2020 to re-glaze and seal windows and grout brick, and Phase III is to raise $100,000
by 2022 to establish a maintenance fund for future major repairs.

Prior to this Campaign, many conversations were had regarding how to contribute to the replacement of
the HVAC in a meaningful way, without sacrificing the efforts of our own Grand Assembly and local
assembly projects, and how to respond quickly in order to bring resolution to an issue that seems to have
gone on forever! One option is to establish a fundraising goal based on membership.

Consider the numbers:
Total cost for all phases of the Century Campaign = $600,000
Total members (living in the United States) as of 2016 = approximately 7,000
Total cost per member = $85.71
Total members in Nevada as of 2016 = approximately 150
Total prorated cost to Nevada Rainbow based on membership = approximately $12,857

Twelve thousand dollars is a lot of money. But, Nevada Rainbow adults are generous and appreciate
the importance of investing in building maintenance in order to preserve our organization’s historical
records and other treasures. Nevada Grand Assembly will be accepting monetary donations for the
HVAC through November 23, 2017, which is also Thanksgiving Day. Then, Nevada Grand Assembly will
issue a single, and hopefully very generous, donation to the Supreme Assembly HVAC/Century
Campaign. Supreme Assembly will be provided with a list of individual donations received through
Nevada Grand Assembly. Additionally, donors’ names will be posted on our web site and printed in our
2018 Rainbow Trails.

Donations may be made by check, payable to Nevada Grand Assembly, or online by clicking on the
shopping cart on our NV IORG web page (the shopping cart is just above the violet tab). Consider the advantages of a simple monetary donation: nothing to buy and no extra events to fit into your calendar. Consider the advantages to a quick response: preserving the Supreme Temple and its contents for all Rainbow Girls – past, present, and future.

Letter from Mrs. Haartz
Campaign Letter from Supreme Assembly
Century Campaign Brochure
Heating Ventilation, Air Condition (HVAC) UPDATE- August 9, 2017

The Supreme Temple
The Rainbow Temple was built in 1951 in the heart of McAlester, Oklahoma, where it endures as a historic landmark and the center of Rainbow activity. Designed by our founders as a working headquarters of functional offices, supply and shipping departments, it also included archival and ceremonial capabilities. Built with funds collected “by Rainbow Girls for Rainbow Girls”, this historic building houses artifacts from Rainbow Girls all over the world. A visit to the Rainbow Temple is the dream of a lifetime for every Rainbow Girl, past and present - a place she is welcome to call her own and find her treasures on display.

The International headquarters is a three story brick, steel and concrete structure flanked on either side by half circle windows composed of seven sections of glass windows representing the seven colors of the Rainbow. Materials for the building came from throughout the world: red granite from Minnesota, brick from Texas, stone from Indiana, marble from Vermont, terrazzo from Italy, hardware from Connecticut, tile from California, doors from New York, windows from Florida, and roofing and flooring from Oklahoma. This amalgamation of materials symbolically reflects the international significance of the organization. It is architecturally significant as an excellent example of mid-twentieth century Moderne Style building and a unique architectural representation of IORG. The Supreme Temple was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.  For more...

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) reports the following:

The question has been raised as to the disposition of funds raised through the years for “heating and air”. A review of available records of these funds from 2002-2016 has been conducted and it was found that for this time period $76,244.32 was expended for repairs and replacement of parts to the HVAC system. These figures were reviewed by the engineers and architects who stated the amount was in keeping with the replacement parts found and the overall condition of the system which has lasted over twice as long as its’ expected life cycle. For more...

Supreme Assembly Fund Raisers

Virginia Grand Assembly is sponsoring a fund raising project to benefit the HVAC project at the Supreme Temple
This beautiful coin is being produced by a very generous Virginia Rainbow Supporter.

Supreme Assembly Coin     Supreme Assembly Coin-2

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The Supreme Temple Committee is sponsoring a fund raising project where all proceeds will benefit the Supreme Temple Fund. As our historic building ages, retrofitting continues! This beautiful 48” wooden-handle umbrella is available now for $20!

Supreme Assembly Umbrella

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silver arrowLogo Wear NEW SIZES and COLORS now available!

Check out the Nevada logo wear now available to order. Our GEC Grand Officers have made most of the new selections for Logo Wear.

Navy Blue Sweatpants are now available to order!!


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Carson Assembly #7 Fund Raising Project

Save your seat! The Assembly is selling chair back covers. Chair back covers are $10 each and are available in Rainbow colors or Masonic Blue (slightly darker than indigo). Each chair back cover comes embroidered with a name and two pockets, one designed to hold a program and one designed to hold a water bottle. Side straps allow the chair back cover to be tied to a chair - or around bench or bleacher seating. Add the Rainbow, Eastern Star, and Masonic emblems for $5 each.

Please make checks payable to: Carson Assembly #7, IORG

Thank you for your support!

Carson #7 Chairback Order Form  pdf (PDF 144KB)

Chair Back Chair Back Colors
Color Choices
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Luggage tagsLuggage Tags

Travel in style! You may need one in every color! These gorgeous and useful luggage tags were hand crafted and donated by Mrs. JJ Gordon, PMA, Carson Assembly #7.

Tags are $5 each and come in our favorite colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The tags can be purchased from Mrs. Jacka in person or by using the form below.

All proceeds from the sale of these tags will help support Supreme Assembly 2020 in Reno, Nevada.

Order Form:  pdf PDF 94KB

Swarovski Crystal "Bling Watch"Order Your Bling Watch Today!!!

Help support Nevada Rainbow by ordering your Swarovski Crystal "bling watch". These beautiful watches are available through pre-orders ONLY.

The Swarovski Crystals are individually hand set in each watch. Crystals are available in both Rainbow or OES colors. They are only $50.00 each, and the price includes shipping. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery!

Funds raised through the sale of these watches (and other specific items/events in the future) will be our start-up money in our effort to host Supreme Assembly 2020 in Reno.

Additionally, if you are interested in being on the steering committee now, which will meet by email for a while, please email the Supreme Charity to be added to that grouping. Many people, many ideas, lots of work is before us!

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In support of Breast Cancer Awareness- our "Bling Warches" now come in 3 colors of pink!

$5 from the sale of EACH of these watches will directly benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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Make checks payable to:

Nevada Grand Assembly, IORG
c/o Joanie Jacka
Supreme Charity
14660 South Quiet Meadow Drive
Reno, Nevada 89511-6674.

For more information, please contact Joanie at Home: (775) 853-2288   FAX: (775) 853-6336 Cell: (775) 343-8240 or Email: joaniejacka@gmail.com

To submit information, please contact the Nevada Webmaster.silver arrow